Friday, February 29, 2008

Need Assistance

My hubby's 30th birthday is next Friday night and I need some ideas. Gag gift ideas. I have asked everyone to bring something to the party that reminds them of Chris. But I have no idea what I could do from me and the kids. I think we are going to grill burgers and have chips and dip and I am in the process of getting a cake coming. I normally do all the cakes around here, but I don't know how to do fondant and I really want a two-tier fondant cake with black and white. I got this printout of everything that went on in 1978 and on the other side it lists different things that have happened on March the 7th. It is really neat and personalized. (I ordered this) We got him this arrowhead book that he wanted as his gift and I have his mom gathering some pictures together so I can make a collage and frame it with a matted frame so everyone can sign the matte (or mat??) Anyway, any great gag gift ideas? He loves golf, indian arrowheads, bowling and duck hunting.



Debbi said...

when wade turned 30 i found these suckers at a party store that were black and said "30 sucks" they were the hit of the party!haha! you could try to find them but it might be too late, so you could always try to make your own suckers?! uh, tennis balls is what wade gives everyone over 30 - for their walker he says. i saw at a 40 b-day someone give a bag of potting soil because they were "as old as dirt"

Shelley said...

You should call my friend Melanie about his cake, she is gooooood!

Akicage said...
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