Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Twilight Cast Revealed

Thanks to Erica for finding this uber exciting poster of sorts for the upcoming Twilight movie. If you haven't read the series of books, you must! The next installment comes out on August 2nd and the movie is slated for December of this year I think...someone let me know if I'm wrong. Anyway, thanks to Erica for this great post!

The Cullen Family


K.T. is Mommatude said...

I got the book today-have already started reading it!Hopefully,I will get all four of them read before the movie comes out-I am excited about it!!!

Debbi said...

don't you think that edward looks different then you thought? I love the girl from greys -she's cute.

i searched for 3 column layout in blogger and I think you have to have minima as your template or something like that and then play with the hmtl code, i can send you my code if you want, but it might delete all your stuff so be careful!

Maury Draper said...

Yes, Edward is not what I expected. I am very excited about the new book and the movie!

Don't worry K.T....I read each book in about 2 days...I couldn't put them down!

The Perry Family said...

yes, definately don't worry, you get so interested you can't put them down!

Maury Draper said...

Send me an e-mail, and I will tell you about our weddings. When is your friend's wedding?

Maury Draper said...

oh yeah, my e-mail address is