Friday, November 30, 2007

Perry Elves

Go look at my elves!!
(especially Chris!)

Free Gift!

My friend, Debbi, is hosting a give-a-way so to speak. Just read the post below!

Let me give you your first Christmas present of the season! Here is the catch - it's a blog exchange challenge. (Thanks Auprielle for the fun idea!) Leave a comment and then Sunday night (around 10pm Central Time) I will write down all the names and have Wade draw three. The lucky winners will then get one of these handmade pillows for the holidays! I promise to mail your package at the same time I mail all my other Christmas packages (next week) so you will receive it in plenty of time.
The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. (So, you must have a blog to participate.) You have 365 days to post and send the goods! I can't wait to see who I will be giving to. To join, just cut and paste this on your blog and comment away. So get posting!! 'Tis the season for giving...and blogging.

Christmas Events

Lastnight, we went to the big Christmas parade in town. It lasted 15 minutes which was quite a long time for a parade around here, but it was boring and short lived. I have posted some pictures of the kids...there weren't any floats worth taking pictures of.

Also, I thought I would post my Christmas tree and my fave ornament since everyone else was posting theirs.

This is our "main" Christmas tree.

This is my fave ornament. I have two of these that I got on sale somewhere after Christmas a few years ago. The glass is real and they are so so heavy, but cute!

This is our other little tree. It is in the living room and I put color lights on it to bring back memories of my childhood! We never used clear lights when I was little!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Please Vote!!

Our pride and joy in Arkansas is up for the Heisman this year, please go to to vote for him!!

Go Hogs and go Darren!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rainy Weather = Movies!

This weekend was soooo nasty, rainy and cold! I couldn't think of anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon except watch movies! This is what we watched:

Hairspray - I loved the original with Ricki Lake back in the day, but this newer version is WAY better. Lauren absolutely loved it and now wants it for Christmas! She is 4! I'm excited that she liked it so well, because I love musicals. Chris wasn't there, he hates those kind of movies, except Grease! John Travolta playing the mom and some of the things he does just cracks me up! For those of you that have never seen it, it is set in the 60's and there is a super popular dance show for teens that comes on every afternoon and Tracy, who is a little overweight, wants to dance on the show. She gets on the show and then they take away a day when the black people get to dance and she goes on protest. Super cute and with a good meaning! I gave it 5 stars! It stars John Travolta, Michelle Phifer, Amanda Bynes, Christopher Walken, Zach Effron, Kristin Cavillari and Queen Latifah.

Bobby Z - This movie was about a drug lord, a cop, a prisoner, and a few other people. haha This one guy was a major drug dealer who was in trouble with a drug lord and a police officer's partner was being held by the drug lord so the officer gets a guy out of prison who looks like the drug dealer to switch to get his partner back and of course things turn crazy and go awry. You will just have to watch because I don't want to spoil or confuse anyone anymore than I already have about this one. I gave it 3 1/2 stars. It stars Paul Walker and Laurence Fishborne.

Spiderman 3 - This is a continuation to the other movies in the series. It is your typical Spiderman movie with a "black suit" coming in this one as the villain. It was good, I give it 4 stars. It stars Tobey Maguire, Topher Grace, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco.

Santa Clause 3 - This, too, is a continuation to the other movies in the series, but this time Jack Frost comes to ruin Christmas and make it Frostmas. This movie was super cute and not only did my kids love it, but Chris and I did as well. I give it 5 stars. It stars Tim Allen and Martin Short.

Helio & Julianne!

Yay!! My faves, other than Sabrina & Mark, won Dancing with the Stars lastnight! Congrats to Helio & Julianne!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

What Up? (Imagine Barney from How I Met Your Mother saying this!) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and now for your entertainment news!

I had to start the week off with my monthly Andy Baldwin cute!! Enjoy!

5. NFL player, Sean Taylor died lastnight after suffering from a gunshot wound. He was 24 years old. The star was shot in his home in Miami on Monday.

4. Hulk Hogan's wife filed for divorce on Friday. They have been married for 23 years.

3. Britney is planning to adopt Chinese twins according to the latest rumor. She can't take care of her own children. Who in the crap would give her more?

2. Just last week on After the Final Rose, Bachelor Byron Velvick and his chosen fiance, Mary Delgado, were professing their love and talking about their upcoming wedding. They were on the show 2 years ago and have been together ever since. On Wednesday of last week, however, Mary was arrested for domestic battery for getting drunk and punched her fiance making his upper lip bleed. My my!

1. On a sad note, for all you Food Network people out there (me, me, me!) they have announced that December 11, 2007, will be the last Emeril Live! show to air. They have cancelled the show after 10 years. They will continue to run reruns. R.I.P. were loved! (he's not dead, just cancelled)

1b. For all of us Arkansas Razorback fans, Houston Nutt resigned yesterday after 10 years with the school. Many of us are rejoicing, but it is kind of sad to see him go. The university offered to extend his contract for two more years after Friday's win over LSU. Reggie Herring, Defensive Coordinator, will coach the team for the bowl game in January. So long Houston!

Update on Houston: It is official, Houston Nutt has signed to be head coach of Ole Miss next year. Already a rival, now will be a major rival. Now, who will Arkansas get?

Have a good week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is going to finally feel like fall/winter so good luck on shopping on Friday for those of you who go (me, me, me!!) Hope to see lots of cool pics from everyone on Monday!

After the Final Rose

Well, what did everyone think lastnight? I think he is full of chicken manure. I have been told that what I had reported about the girlfriend and child are rumors. I found so much of that on the net though. Although, he said it was rumors too. My thinking of him is yes, he definately has a commitment issue. How can he sit there and say that he cared for each of them deeply and even fly Deanna's dad out to ask for her hand in marriage if he didn't "love" her? I mean it would have been so simple to just say hey, let's date and see where this goes, but NOOOOOO. I guess he didn't want to pursue it because he knew how the girls felt about him and he was scared away by them. Also, how can he say that his heart was breaking whenever he didn't even love them or her or whatever. I'm more confused now and don't like him even more after watching that show lastnight. I just hope he got the chance to sit down with Deanna by themselves and talk because the girl needs closure. Agree?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Laurel Kagay

Ok so here is the heffer behind all the chaos. She and Brad dated for 3 years and have a 2 year old daughter together. Wow, for a dad, he NEVER talks about his daughter. It could be that ABC wouldn't let him for sake of the show, but still. Anywho, it was said that he texted Laurel everyday and even sent dozens of roses on several occasions stating that he wanted a reconciliation. I know he had an obligation, but if he was all about this girl, he should not have done the show.

I will update as new news is available!

Tinseltown Tuesday

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Now, for your entertainment fix!

5. Rapper Lil' Romeo signed to play basketball at USC. Good luck to him and congrats on going to college instead of skipping it to rap!

4. Lindsey Lohan served 1 hour and 24 minutes in the slammer this weekend for her DUI she received in July. Wow, a slap on the hand AGAIN???

3. Britney is going to have Thanksgiving with Miley Cyrus. She has confirmed that it is true. I so wish she would stay away from so far sweet and innocent Miley a.k.a. Hannah Montana a.k.a. Destiney Cyrus (her real name). She does not need any of that crappy influence on her! I can already see her poor E! True Hollywood story coming. Sigh....

2. Bill Nye, The Science Guy, is asking for protection from his wife. She showed up at his apartment dressed in black and armed with 2 spray bottles with some kind of "solvent" in it to do damage to his flower and produce garden. OH MY!! I'm scared! haha

1. Finally, the shocker of all shockers (for now anyway), The Bachelor, Brad Womack, chose no one lastnight. WHAT THE CRAP???? I had this image of Brad, sweet burly guy just looking for love and just hasn't found that right one. Now, he looks to me like any other pooh man that isn't thinking with his heart or his brain. I feel like he is riding the wave of popularity and going to play the field. His 15 minutes of fame. To crush those sweet girls (especially Jenni) and I so can't wait for the after the rose show tonight. Waste of television and waste of ABC's money for trying to find him some nice ladies and send them on these trips and dates and what not. WASTE!!!

Have a good week and an even better Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Idea

Well, I could never think of anything for Jackson's "big" gift, so I decided on this Smart Cycle for the kids to share. The age recommended is 3 - 6 years and Jackson IS 6, but I saw where someone had their 8 yr old playing it. I had finally planned on getting Lauren the Barbie Dream House, but saw way more bad reviews with it falling apart and what not, so I decided against it. It looks really neat and I was going to get a Dinosaur game for Jackson, Barbie game for Lauren, and Spongebob game for them to share. The purpose of this machine is that children can learn, play a game, and move all at the same time. The games are educational and they have to either move the peddles or move the shifty thing to play the game. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

I refuse to talk about Britney today although she did run a redlight and make a paparazzo have a motorcycle wreck this week, but I REFUSE to comment! haha On to Tinseltown Tuesday!

4. Halle Berry and Christinia Aguilera are both said to be expecting baby boys. Jennifer Lopez is said to be expecting and boy and a girl. Congrats!

3. Kate Hudson may be dating Heath Ledger. They were seen making out on Thursday at a Manhattan hot spot. They could just be rehearsing for a sequel to Four Feathers!!

2. Prince Harry was dumped by girlfriend of more than three years, Chelsea Davy. She was annoyed with his party boy antics. Who breaks up with a prince????? Hello!!

1. On a sad note, Kanye Wests' mom died on Saturday due to complications from a cosmetic procedure said to be a tummy tuck and breast reduction. She was a retired Dean of English at Chicago State University. She was also the CEO of the Kanye West Foundation which helped children stay in school and his manager. The surgeon was Dr. Jan Adams, who I know best from the show Plastic Surgery: Before and After on the Discovery Channel. He is not board certified.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My neice is turning 16 and her surprise party is on Friday. Her party was suppose to be NEXT Friday, but there have been some conflicts and so here we are. What I need help with is some ideas for a really cute/neat homemade gift as my funds are really limited this week. I am making cupcakes, but I would like for her to have a scrapbook or something that she could fill with pics from her party after it is over. I need some tips!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

Here's your entertainment fix for the week!

6. For all you Big Brother fans out there (me, me, me!), Mike Boogie, winner of BB7, was arrested in Denver earlier this past week for assaulting a waitress in a sports bar. Sounds about right for him, he was on Dr. 90210 a while back seeing his best bud, Dr. Will who is a dermatologist, because he had a genital wart. Mike is a member of the Dolce Group which includes Dr. Will, Ashton Kutcher, etc. They own Les Deux and the Geisha House in LA.
5. Katie Holmes ran in the New York Marathon and finished 34, 195th place. It took her 5 hours and 29 minutes. It was 26.2 miles long. I can't believe Tom let her do something without him.

4. Christina Aguilera finally confirmed her pregnancy! Duh! She is about to pop! How could you hide that?
3. Snoop Dogg is forbidden to go to the United Kingdom after he was booted from a first class lounge. Snoop went ballistic and 7 police officers were injured. This apparently happened in 2006, how are we just now hearing about this?

2. Britney again....She has ran over another foot. This time it was a Sheriff's Deputy. They are investigating it and could file charges. After seeing the picture, I will have to take up for her on this one. There were so many people around her car and his foot was ran over by her back, right tire. He should have been watching where he was standing. In my opinion, this is his own fault.

1. Shia Labeouf (Transformers, Holes) was arrested in Chicago early Sunday morning. He was drunk and in a Walgreens. The employees asked him to leave because of his irate behavior, but he wouldn't budge. They arrested him on criminal trespassing. If Walgreens is open 24 hours, how is he trespassing? Can someone explain that to me! Public place people! haha
Have a good week!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We went to a local church's Fall Festival as we have the past three years. This is the first year in a while that it hasn't rained cats and dogs on Halloween. They serve hot dogs and chips and have tons of games and 2 big blow up slides. I also won some cookies on the cake walk! I was super excited because I never win ANYTHING!! haha Just wanted to share some pics! Also, around 9:00 lastnight, Corie and Justin showed up in these awful outfits and rang my doorbell and jumped out at me and scared the bejesus out of me! haha