Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Events

Lastnight, we went to the big Christmas parade in town. It lasted 15 minutes which was quite a long time for a parade around here, but it was boring and short lived. I have posted some pictures of the kids...there weren't any floats worth taking pictures of.

Also, I thought I would post my Christmas tree and my fave ornament since everyone else was posting theirs.

This is our "main" Christmas tree.

This is my fave ornament. I have two of these that I got on sale somewhere after Christmas a few years ago. The glass is real and they are so so heavy, but cute!

This is our other little tree. It is in the living room and I put color lights on it to bring back memories of my childhood! We never used clear lights when I was little!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Debbi said...

How fun! I miss the fun parade and the good times! Your tree looks great - and look at all those presents!!!!

Rosjuane said...

Oh my god that was a long parade. I love the orniment!!! And yeah what's with all the presents?? Has Santa already been to your house.

Maury Draper said...

I know...I came over here to comment on all those presents too! I don't have a single one wrapped yet! Look at you!