Wednesday, November 21, 2007

After the Final Rose

Well, what did everyone think lastnight? I think he is full of chicken manure. I have been told that what I had reported about the girlfriend and child are rumors. I found so much of that on the net though. Although, he said it was rumors too. My thinking of him is yes, he definately has a commitment issue. How can he sit there and say that he cared for each of them deeply and even fly Deanna's dad out to ask for her hand in marriage if he didn't "love" her? I mean it would have been so simple to just say hey, let's date and see where this goes, but NOOOOOO. I guess he didn't want to pursue it because he knew how the girls felt about him and he was scared away by them. Also, how can he say that his heart was breaking whenever he didn't even love them or her or whatever. I'm more confused now and don't like him even more after watching that show lastnight. I just hope he got the chance to sit down with Deanna by themselves and talk because the girl needs closure. Agree?

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Debbi said...

I still felt like I needed closure too - he is such a jerk and has committment issues or something. I think Jenny was classy on the show - and Deanna had a right to be mad.