Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

I refuse to talk about Britney today although she did run a redlight and make a paparazzo have a motorcycle wreck this week, but I REFUSE to comment! haha On to Tinseltown Tuesday!

4. Halle Berry and Christinia Aguilera are both said to be expecting baby boys. Jennifer Lopez is said to be expecting and boy and a girl. Congrats!

3. Kate Hudson may be dating Heath Ledger. They were seen making out on Thursday at a Manhattan hot spot. They could just be rehearsing for a sequel to Four Feathers!!

2. Prince Harry was dumped by girlfriend of more than three years, Chelsea Davy. She was annoyed with his party boy antics. Who breaks up with a prince????? Hello!!

1. On a sad note, Kanye Wests' mom died on Saturday due to complications from a cosmetic procedure said to be a tummy tuck and breast reduction. She was a retired Dean of English at Chicago State University. She was also the CEO of the Kanye West Foundation which helped children stay in school and his manager. The surgeon was Dr. Jan Adams, who I know best from the show Plastic Surgery: Before and After on the Discovery Channel. He is not board certified.

Have a good week!


Debbi said...

woah - not board certified? why did she go to him then? that is scary. I totally want work done someday when I'm done with kids...the things it does to your body...argghh!!!!

Anne-Marie said...

that's really sad, and yet sort of pathetic that she died during plastic surgery....Im with Debbi though....someday...

Erica said...

love Tinsel town tuesdays. You rock.


Erica said...

pps...sad about his mom...I for sure will be doing a TON of research on my surgeon before hand :D