Friday, September 26, 2008

Reunion Update

For you chickas that I graduated with....I saw Shereka Gant at the grocery store at lunch and she said that she got with Jaye and Brooke on Monday and we ARE having a reunion on the weekend of October 31st. At first I thought that was stupid since a lot of folks wouldn't show up if they have kids because of Halloween. Well, they are having a Halloween party for the kids and all of the classmates can get together while the kids are having fun in their costumes. I'm still on the bench as to whether I am going or not. Just wanted to update everyone that is reading this.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Tube

Don't forget that GREY'S ANATOMY is back on tonight with a 2 hour premiere!! I love this show! So interesting and it is nice to look at Patrick Dempsey for an hour every week! So funny how he is cute now, age really did the trick for him. He was such a nerd back in the day, but you couldn't help but love him then!

I can't wait!! I love when my shows all come back on. I had to give up a few this year like America's Next Top Model and I guess that is about it. If you have seen one season, you have pretty much seen them all I guess.

Lipstick Jungle came on again lastnight and I love that show! I was a big Sex and the City girl, so this is right up my alley. It is based off another book by Candace Bushnell. The new 90210 is something that I really like this season. I have heard mixed reviews, but I like it and I hope they don't cancel it like they have done so many other shows that I have liked in the past.
Greek is back for a third season and Chris and I both love this show. The guy that plays Dale on there is from Hot Springs. (Actually, he is from Greenwood, but anyway) Of course, the nerdiest of the bunch would be from here! haha No, he and Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno) are comedy partners and in a band together. Who would have known? :)

In addition to Grey's tonight, Survivor starts again, so I'm ready for that one too. Sunday is Desperate Housewives and next Wednesday is Private Practice. I'm also looking forward to watching the Ex-List which has that chick from Grey's that played Becca and she is playing Esme on the Twilight movie. Dirty Sexy Money starts again next week and I'm ready for that one since it hasn't been on since the Writer's Strike started last year.

What shows are you looking forward to this season?

Happy TV Watching!! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Not to freak anyone out, but I am a total planner and my counter on the right there says that there are only 93 days left until Christmas! I'm officially starting to go into FREAK OUT mode! haha I normally and in full swing of purchasing (our fam is huge) and I haven't purchased the first thing, well I have one thing, but it is something small for my mother in law. Anyway, I guess this is mostly due to not having anywhere to put it. Although, I could put it in one of the storage buildings that we are renting, but then what would I do with it once I got into my house? I will not have anywhere to hide the Santa presents. Decisions, decisions....

Since everyone is posting about fall, it brings me to another point. Fall is my favorite time to decorate. Fall just puts me in a great mood and makes me have more energy for some reason. I love to clean my house with the windows open and a candle lit. I love to decorate with the orangy and red leaves and jack o lanterns for Halloween. I am not able to do that this year and it is driving me bonkers. I'm sure my mother in law would let me decorate her house, but it is off of the highway and no one would see it anyway. Hopefully we will be moved in around Thanksgiving or so and maybe I will get to decorate for Christmas. I hope.

So, what is your fave time of year and what is your fave thing to decorate your home in? :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movie Swap and Stuff

So sorry to just now be posting about my Movie Swap loot! My swap partner was Courtney and she did not disappoint!! I love Adam Sandler and she sent me the only movie of his that I have never seen! I don't know exactly why I have never seen this one, but glad now that I haven't so that I can be surprised when I watch it this weekend! She also sent me her fave candy, Sweetarts. These are an oldie, but a goodie!! These always remind me of Halloween from when I was a kid and she sent the cutest little seashell because she is from Tallahassee, Florida!! I just wish I could have went to Florida this year and this way she brought a little bit of Florida to me! Thanks so much Courtney!!! Love it!

For all of my high school classmates...I talked to Kristy who talked to Annslie who talked to Brooke and apparently we ARE NOT having a reunion. Brooke stated that she didn't have time to plan because she has a child at home and a store to run. Not trying to be ugly, but we all have children (most of us) and jobs and are busy. Normally the Class Officers (Prez and Vice Prez) plan these events. I wasn't planning on going anyway (I've gained WAY too much weight to have my old classmates see me this big), but would have liked to have had that choice. I should not be complaining, as I am just as able as she is to plan and get together. haha Anyway, just wanted to let you chicks know what was up and why we haven't gotten anything.

Don't forget to sign up for Shelley's Ornament Swap!! It was super fun last year (can't remember who hosted)! Deadline is October 20th, but if you sign up now, I think she is going to pair off as she goes so you can start shopping.

Please pray for my babysitter and her daughter. Ms. Joyce's (my babysitter) son passed away on Tuesday night. He wasn't but 49 years old. He had Amyloidosis. (You can click the link to see what exactly it is) It is a blood disorder. It all started last year when he had an umbilical hernia repair. He threw a clot after having that surgery and when he was in the hospital for that, they found this blood disorder. It has been a roller coaster ever since. They have given him several rounds of chemo (not sure why), did a procedure where they take your blood out of your body, clean it and put it back in (like dialysis) and a stem cell transplant. He had been in a hospital in Little Rock for the past four weeks with pneumonia in one whole lung. Very sad. Please pray for their family.

Well, I guess that is about it and thanks to everyone for their well wishes about the house. I am still very upset about it. I just still can not believe how high it was going to be!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sad News

For everyone wondering how the house is going, we are not going to build. We have decided that it is more money than we want to spend right now and I don't know how to downscale the house to make it any smaller because I basically don't want to, I liked it the way it was. I semi regret selling our beautiful home on Hankins Street with the extra lot and big yard, but we were outgrowing it. We have another project in the works. Don't really want to express that here, but it will be fine and nice once it is ready which will hopefully be by Christmas. I'm glad for this since a tradition at our home is that my mom and stepdad come up and spend the night on Christmas Eve, we bake cookies for Santa and watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and that way they are there to see the kids in the morning with all of their surprises. I was very disappointed knowing that we might not be able to that this year. We are still moving to the country which I am glad of, back to the peacefulness that Chris and I knew growing up since both of our parents lived a little out of town most of our lives. We still have our $1,000.00 blueprints so maybe one day. This has been the most difficult time for me as I never imagined that the house would have been as high as it was. Very disappointing.

Christmas Ornament Swap

Shelley has a GREAT swap going!! See below for details:
I am thinking we will swap no more than three ornaments, unless it seems weird to not get the whole "set". Price limit is $20 FIRM! We had a low limit last year, and I think we all went over! If you get a wonderful deal, and just have to buy something that is worth more, yet falls under the limit, go for it. If you find 1-2 amazing ones that you are in love with, there is NO pressure to buy more than that. We don't want anyone being stressed about trying to "keep up" and not look cheap. Most of us have small kids and lots of expenses at Christmas, so we want to keep it on a fun level.
It can be made from anything, as long as it can be hung on a Christmas tree. No stuff to "sit around" or what nots, at least not for this swap, UNLESS your person specifies that they are interested in that type thing. If they are, you still aren't obligated to go that route, it's just another possibility to explore.
The Rules:
In order to enter, please email me at with your name, and mailing address, and your blog site, if you have one. Copy and paste the below questionaire in order to make it easier on your person to know what you are (and ARE NOT) interested in! The more info, the better, if you ask me!
Would you be happy with what not type decorations, or are you interested only in tree ornaments?
What color scheme is your tree?
Do you collect any specific theme, such as hallmark, snowmen, or etc?
Do you like personalized ornaments, with names/initials? If so, please include all info for your family's names.
Do you like oversized ornaments? Flashy and bright, or simple and contemporary?
Is there anything specific that you think someone "might" get you that you totally cannot stand?
Sign ups will run from now, until October 20th.
I will be getting your names to you as soon as I can after that, probably within a matter of days. If you email me, and feel like I may have possibly somehow not gotten it, do not hesitate to email again. After I get everyone their partner, you will then have until Thanksgiving to mail out your ornaments. (We want to have time for people to get them onto their trees!)
Before shopping, get to know the person you have been given - be sure and check out their blog if they have one, find out what they like, what they collect, etc... Or you can bless them with something from your neck of the woods, something they wouldn't find where they live, as long as it doesn't fall into their list of stuff they would not want.☺
Shipping instructions: Please package each ornament carefully (especially if doing glass ornaments) Please include your name on your package, since it is not a secret pal swap.
Ornaments must be mailed with delivery confirmation, please, it's only about fifty cents. Please do not sign up if you don't want to take it seriously. No one wants to be left with no prize!
Once they are received, please blog yours, if you have one!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Impressions by Mindy

Saturday before last, I had the kid's pictures made by Mindy (Groves) Smith. I was very pleased and she worked really well with the kiddos. These are only a few. I might post more later. In the meantime, you can see the rest and her other work at

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

On Saturday, I took Jackson, Lauren and Makenzie to Chuck E Cheese for Jackson's birthday. Lauren has never been before and LOVED it! I thought this would be easier to do instead of a birthday party since we are living with my in laws. I didn't want to invite a bunch of people to their house and it was too hot to go to the park. There is nowhere else to go around here except for Mazzio's and that just isn't an ideal place to me. We ended up going to the one in North Little Rock and they kids had a blast! The pizza was good too! We also got Jackson a Batman cake from a local bakery. I was too lazy with everything that went on this past week to make his cake this year. It wasn't as tasty, but he liked it and that is all that matters!

I have never seen it rain so much in August. Very unusual. You would know that it would happen when we decide to build! haha
Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!