Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movie Swap and Stuff

So sorry to just now be posting about my Movie Swap loot! My swap partner was Courtney and she did not disappoint!! I love Adam Sandler and she sent me the only movie of his that I have never seen! I don't know exactly why I have never seen this one, but glad now that I haven't so that I can be surprised when I watch it this weekend! She also sent me her fave candy, Sweetarts. These are an oldie, but a goodie!! These always remind me of Halloween from when I was a kid and she sent the cutest little seashell because she is from Tallahassee, Florida!! I just wish I could have went to Florida this year and this way she brought a little bit of Florida to me! Thanks so much Courtney!!! Love it!

For all of my high school classmates...I talked to Kristy who talked to Annslie who talked to Brooke and apparently we ARE NOT having a reunion. Brooke stated that she didn't have time to plan because she has a child at home and a store to run. Not trying to be ugly, but we all have children (most of us) and jobs and are busy. Normally the Class Officers (Prez and Vice Prez) plan these events. I wasn't planning on going anyway (I've gained WAY too much weight to have my old classmates see me this big), but would have liked to have had that choice. I should not be complaining, as I am just as able as she is to plan and get together. haha Anyway, just wanted to let you chicks know what was up and why we haven't gotten anything.

Don't forget to sign up for Shelley's Ornament Swap!! It was super fun last year (can't remember who hosted)! Deadline is October 20th, but if you sign up now, I think she is going to pair off as she goes so you can start shopping.

Please pray for my babysitter and her daughter. Ms. Joyce's (my babysitter) son passed away on Tuesday night. He wasn't but 49 years old. He had Amyloidosis. (You can click the link to see what exactly it is) It is a blood disorder. It all started last year when he had an umbilical hernia repair. He threw a clot after having that surgery and when he was in the hospital for that, they found this blood disorder. It has been a roller coaster ever since. They have given him several rounds of chemo (not sure why), did a procedure where they take your blood out of your body, clean it and put it back in (like dialysis) and a stem cell transplant. He had been in a hospital in Little Rock for the past four weeks with pneumonia in one whole lung. Very sad. Please pray for their family.

Well, I guess that is about it and thanks to everyone for their well wishes about the house. I am still very upset about it. I just still can not believe how high it was going to be!


Debbi said...

1. You scored on the swap, YEAH.
2. Intersting about the reunion. Really, we are all busy, we all have things going on, right? A note would have been nice to know, an email responce back or something (what kind of store does she run?)I don't want to put all my feeling about this on a comment, just kinda bugged even though I'm way up here in WA. I would have set up a webpage, but everyone was soo into that dang myspace page that went no where.

3.So sad about your babysitter. Our thoughts will be wit her.

4. I know the swap sounds fun, I just can't do any right now, totally bummed. I'm trying to think of a swap idea that would only require the cost of an evenlope -maybe recipe? I don't know? Ideas?

Debbi said...

Oh, and I got rid of my myspace account, I was only keeping it for that reunion info and since it is not happening I deleted it. Just thought you should know. You know how to get a hold of me, if people ask!

Dena said...


She runs Martin's Department Store.

Correct me if I'm wrong here - if you are aware that you were voted in as class president TEN YEARS AGO, then shouldn't you have enough time to plan and organize invitations to a football game, and perhaps a small party before hand? People do it for weddings every day. I'm sorry. I wasn't even going to go to the reunion in the first place, I just think the circumstances surrounding why other people can't enjoy it are absolutely selfish and ridiculous. But what do I know? I don't run a store...

Enough of that...I may just have to email you, Heather, to vent properly...

Sorry about your babysitter's son. His daughter was at Oakley's birthday party Saturday, and I know Laken has been hurting for her friend, Stacie. (I hope I'm talking about the right person).

Jenny Sipes said...

Your partner did great! You got lots of goodies! YAY for Heather! Whoo hoo! Missed you at bowling!!!

eRiCa said...

1. Glad you enjoyed the swap. The girl in that movie is the only I've ever heard Bret verbally express more than once while watching that she was hot (seriously...he rarely says that a girl is hot in the movies we're watching). She's the Hispanic one. I think she's pretty hot myself :)

2. Sorry about your babysitter. I don't know what it is but lately there's just been a lot of heartache out in the world. Makes me take time to reflect on all my blessings and just how blessed we are.

3.The ornamaent swap sounds like fun but I'm afraid I'm maxed out on swaps for the time being. I am currently participating in 4, five if you count the one I hosted. It gets pretty pricey...

hope you're having a great day!

jaime pott photography said...

Ohhhh I missed a movie swap...that totally sounds like fun!!