Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I didn't like the list of top Horror movies produced by so I am making my own! This is Heather's Top 17. I know, weird number, but I couldn't leave anything out and there might be some that I forgot about. My list is more update, those "classic" ones just don't scare me much. Here ya go!

17. Urban Legend
16. I Know What You Did Last Summer
15. Scream
14. Seven
13. Nightmare on Elm Street
12. Saw (I, II, III)
11. When a Stranger Calls (2006)
10. Joy Ride
9. Stir of Echoes
8. The Ring
7. House on Haunted Hill
6. Lawnmower Man
5. The Amityville Horror (2005)
4. Pet Semetary
3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
2. Exorcism of Emily Rose
1. Poltergeist

My #1 is the movie that has always scared me the most in my life. I will NEVER watch it again. The girl that played in that movie looked just like me when I was little and something freaky happened on the set of the third enstallment of that movie and she mysteriously died. Oh, and did I mention that her name was Heather????? Too freaky for me!!!

That's my list....what is on your list?????????

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

I know I am a little late posting today, but it has been a doosey (sp?). Anywho, here is your celebrity fix for the week!

5. Jay Leno will no longer be on the Tonight Show starting in 2009. Conan O'Brian will be the new host. Suits me, I always liked Conan's show better anyway!

4. Maks of Dancing with the Stars states that Marie Osmond's collapse last Monday was due to malnutrition. He states that the stars are starving themselves to lose weight. Hmmm...sounds like typical Hollywood to me.

3. Kid Rock was not charged for hitting Tommy Lee at the Mtv Video Music Awards. Lee requested there be no prosecution relating to the incident. Kid still faces misdemeanor battery stemming from the Waffle House fight.

2. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi are said to be on the rocks. Supposedly Ellen has been begging Portia to stay even though Portia wants out of the relationship. They have been together for a little more than 3 years.

1. Britney news: She has not regained joint custody of her children, but it could still be in the works. Meanwhile, during one of her many gas stops, she had a paparazzi come closer to her window as if she was going to tell him something and then turned her wipers on with washer fluid going everywhere! haha classic! Anyway, the sock worn by the pap that Britney ran over sold on ebay for $585!!!!!! What the mess??

A little bonus for the week, I have the list of the 10 Scariest Movies of All Time according to!
10. Eraserhead - 1977
9. The Exorcist - 1973
8. Halloween - 1978
7. Don't Look Now - 1973
6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 1974
5. Nightmare on Elm Street - 1984
4. Suspiria - 1977
3. Night of the Living Dead - 1968
2. Repulsion - 1965
1. Pyscho - 1960

I haven't heard of most of theses, but the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from a few years ago should be #1 and Psycho shouldn't even be on the list! haha

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Fun!!

This past weekend was full of fun once again! My sister-in-law was down and we had a weinee roast at our house. We built a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows and just had lots of fun. The kids were exhausted after Saturday night!! haha Yesterday, I got to keep Diesel and I took lots of pictures!! Plus I had to throw in this picture of Lauren from this morning!! She wanted her hair in "dog ears" today!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christmas is on it's way!!

This is what I want to get Lauren for Christmas:

The only thing about this is the background by itself, which comes with the stove, is $80.00. Then you have to purchase the sink and the washer separately which are $20 each and the nursery set is $40! Should I ask the grandparents to help as I do want to get Lauren other toys or should I stick with this because really I was going to spend that much on the Barbie Throne she was wanting and Amazing McKayla doll she wanted. hmmmm???? decisions, decisions..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

Wow! So, this week we have plenty to talk about! Let's get this party started!

8. Pink & her husband, Carey Hart are rumored to be on the outs. Carey takes this one particular blonde chick with him everywhere he goes which has led to speculation that he and Pink are done and this is his new lady. Maybe it is just his assistant! haha yeah.....

7. There's a celebrity edition of The Apprentice in the works. I'm glad, I was worried The Donald wasn't going to do another season. They are filming now and some of the celebs include...Omarosa, Lennox Lewis, Gene Simmons, Tito Ortiz, Stephen Baldwin, Vinny Pastore & Marilou Henner. I wonder if they really get a job or not? Probably not, they probably just donate money to charity or something.

6. Tori Spelling & husband, Dean McDermott's bed and breakfast, Chateau La Rue was evacuated yesterday because of the fires. Actually, the whole town of Fallbrook was evacuated. The bed and breakfast is featured on their show, Tori & Dean: Inn Love (which I watch religiously) on the Oxygen channel. Good Luck T & Dean!

5. Kate Hudson and now ex-husband, Chris Robinson have signed and sealed their divorce papers. Chris filed for divorce last November. Why does this mess take so long?! haha

4. The Spice Girls reunion is ending up to be a disaster. While shooting a video last week in London, the girls were all in a tiz (sp?). Posh had to have fruit and champagne everywhere she went, Baby Spice burst into tears because production took too long (she IS way pregnant, though), Scary Spice was desperate to go home (not to mention was practicing her dance moves for Dancing With the Stars every single second she could), and Ginger Spice kept stopping to meditate. Issues much?

3. Kid Rock was arrested over the weekend in Atlanta for fighting with some customers at a Waffle House. Can we say white trash anyone?

2. Update in the Orlando Bloom incident from last week....The LAPD submitted a video to the DA's office and the DA will then decide whether to file felony hit and run charges.

1. Ok for the big #1 today, we have J.K. Rowling's big announcement...Dumbledore is gay and he had a thing for rival, Gellert Grindelwald. Isn't he a little old for such things?

Have a good week!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Reviews

I guess my post today is all about reviews. First on the list was the book I was reading, The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. This was a pretty good book. It was better than The Choice by NS. It made it even better because it was a true story. It starts out with the author talking to a lady while on vacation in Italy. She starts telling him about her love story. She is a lady who married a wonderful italian man and lives in Utah at the time. (She went to the U of U Debbi!) Anyway, they later move to Italy and he completely changes. They own a vineyard and produce wine and he is only home about a week out of a month because he is off "promoting" the vineyard. Of course, he is having affairs while she is at home caring for their severely asthmatic child. She lives in a villa with her sister in law and an American man moves in and she and the American man fall in love and you will just have to read to get the ending. Anyway, I gave this book 4 stars.

Next, we watched two movies over the weekend. First up was Next starring Nicholas Cage, Jessica Biel, and Julianne Moore. This man (Cage) can see future events before they happen. The FBI want him to work with them to help them find where a terrorist group has planted a nuclear weapon. It is a very fast paced, better not blink or you will not understand, movie. I gave it 4 1/2 stars.

Also, we watched Evan Almighty. Of course, I'm sure you all know what it is about, but God comes to Evan who is now a Congressman and wants him to build an Ark. Of course Chris and I were like against this at first because we thought that it was going against the Bible because God said he would never flood again like he did back in the day. You will just have to watch it to see what happens because I don't want to give it away. This was a very good family movie and it is ok for the children to watch! I gave it 4 stars.

We also bought the Transformers movie and have watched it several times due to Jackson wanting to watch it over and over and over. haha

Friday, October 19, 2007


I've been tagged. The rules are that you list 6 facts/habits about yourself then at the end of the post name 6 people that you are going to tag. Then you go into their comments and tell them that they have been tagged. Mine is only going to have 3 tags. Sorry, don't know that many on blogger!

1. Hmmm...let's see, I am addicted to television. If it wasn't for DVR, I would be in so much trouble on the stand point. I can't miss a show of my faves! I will always watch a show from the very beginning of the series. If I miss the first ever episode, I will never watch any of it.

2. I, like Debbi, have thought about going back to school. I would love to go to nursing school to be an RN or go and get my Social Services degree because I like what I do here, helping people.

3. I have to have all my cans in my cabinets turned for the label to be showing and they have to be stacked with like things and in alphabetical order. I'm a freak.

4. I was really into this making cakes thing for a while, I'm so over it now. I cringe at the thought of making a pretty cake now. Now, I really am into photography.

5. I would really like for my children to go to a private school, but there are none around here except in Monticello and I'm not driving 15 miles and back every morning and afternoon for that. I wish I had the patience to home school sometimes. I used to think home schooling took that social aspect out of a child's life, but I'm over that now as they have NO social time at school anyway. They don't even have recess anymore.

6. I wish I could win the lottery and have no bills! haha

Tag: Kristy, Rosjuane, Anne Marie

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, the lady that I got my template from got busted for using someone else's backgrounds because of copyright infringement or whatever so I now have a boring background again! Anyone know another place to get free layouts?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok, I know this may be an Arkansas thing, but has anyone ever played washers? My mom is from North Arkansas and had never even heard of it. I figured being the hillbilly that she is, that her of all people would know what washers were! haha j/k She lives in Louisiana now, so I guess maybe she forgot about her hillbilly ways. Anywho, we had a family get together this weekend and everyone played washers, which consists of these two boards put apart so many feet. These boards have three holes in them, the farthest hole being worth 5 points, the middle one worth 3 points and the one closest to you is worth 1 point. You throw these big washers into these holes and whoever gets to 21 first and doesn't bust (like in blackjack) wins. Anyway, the last time everyone played this, I wouldn't play because I knew I would suck at it and didn't want to be made fun of. Well, much to my and my husband's surprise, I tried it and I didn't suck so much! It might sound like a silly game for hick's, but it is super fun! haha Also, we had a fire and roasted marshmellows and my kids did some dancing! haha Enjoy the pics!

The Choice

I'm having to catch up on blogging since I wasn't able to do so the past week or so. I just finished reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. It took me longer than usual because this was the first non-Stephenie Meyer book in a month or so and it is so hard to come off that fast pace and slow down to Nicholas Sparks. I never thought I would "cheat" on ol' Nic, but I think I have found someone I like better! Go Stephenie! haha She also has a new book coming out in May called The Host, it is "different" also...go to Amazon and check out the synopsis (?).
Anyway, this book was your typical love story, but it skipped a lot. A lot more could have been said about their dating period instead of just one weekend. Who falls in love in one weekend anyway? Although, Chris and I started talking to each other like we had known each other forever like the couple in this book and two weeks later we told each other that we loved the other one. Who knows! Anyway, the ending was a good one, but it could have had more put into it. I was disappointed to say the least. Now, I started reading The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. I have had this book in my closet for like 2 or 3 years and am just now reading it. It so far so good!

Tinseltown Tuesday

Another week gone and here is our Tinseltown Tuesday fix!

6. What would Tinseltown Tuesday be without Britney news? She turned herself in yesterday on charges of a hit and run and driving without a valid driver's license. She is to be in court on October 25th. She was also granted an overnight stay with her young one's last week, but they will be monitered every time.

5. For all you Steve-O fans out there, he has posed for a PETA ad...See below!

4. Orlando Bloom smashed a parked car on Friday morning after partying at a club, leaving the passenger with a fractured neck. He left the scene, but returned later and never was given a blood alcohol test and no charges were filed. WHAT??

3. Country Singer, Joe Nichols, (who???) entered rehab on Friday after only one month of marriage to his girlfriend of 12 years. Can I say again...who??

2. The company that owns the American Idol Tour was fined $5,000 for violating child labor laws because of underage Jordin Sparks and Sanjaya. I'm sure their pockets didn't hurt too bad from that!

1. Andy Baldwin (my fave bachelor) competed in the Ironman competition this past weekend. Just thought I would share this pic although the other guy is grotesquely white (like myself, haha) Also, he is being shipped to Iraq in January! Too pretty for Iraq! Hello! I'm calling George W. right now! haha

Stay tuned for pics from our family weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

Tinseltown Tuesday is going to be short and sweet today. I'm a little under the weather and those celebs aren't giving me much to work with this week! haha

3. Britney DID get to see her kids yesterday after refusing to see them on Thursday of last week. She did not want a supervised visit with a parenting coach and refused to come to the door last Thursday when the children arrived. Of course they were seen crying at the door for 40 minutes before they finally gave up and left. What mother does that to her children? Oh and did anyone know that she did that cover for Harper's? I sure didn't!

2. Pamela Anderson and that Rick Solomon dude were married in Vegas on Saturday. Of course, you remember he is the one that made that tape with Paris Hilton and I found out recently that he was married to Shannon Doherty before. Wow, what a winner he must be!
1. Jennifer Lopez is for sure pregnant! They are saying that it might be twins. You never know if that is true or not because they think everyone is pregnant with twins at first! haha

That's it, it is all I have! Sorry for the skimpy news! Have a good week!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Again

Here we are, Monday again. My countdown has already started for Friday! haha Friday was full of happy tummies! Layne's was awesome! I had grilled scallops and shrimp scampi...yum-o! Saturday, I got up at 4 a.m. for the rummage sale and we made a little over $300.00. I was pleased. After the sale, it was off to the house for a shower to go to the Razorback game! After walking a hot and grusome 1.5 miles to the stadium, the Hogs won 34 - 15. Yesterday, I finished Eclipse and I'm having major withdrawals from Edward. haha I kinda felt bad for Jacob at the end, but he'll get over it and I really felt bad for Edward b/c he knows that she loves them both...what the mess? That is awful of her. I'm NOT a Bella fan right now and I can not wait until the next book next year. I have never wanted to re-read a book before, I believe I will have to re-read Twilight at least. I'm so going to order that Edward shirt ASAP. No one around here will even know what it means! haha

Also, yesterday we had a cookout at Justin and Corie's next door to me, hence the pics above.

There was also this beautiful rainbow this morning when I got ready to leave for work and school. Enjoy!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

It's the Weekend!

I forgot to post my reviews about a couple of movies from last weekend. I am here to post those and tell everyone that I can't wait for this weekend, we have a babysitter ALL weekend!! WOW!! Chris and I get to "date"! haha Tonight we are going to Layne's in Star City which is like 30 miles away and it is a steakhouse that is super yummy! I have to be at work at 4:30 in the morning because I am having a rummage sale fundraiser for my Benevolent Fund. I had the community donate items they were ready to get rid of, so whatever I make tomorrow is all profit. I should be done with that around 11 or so and at 2 we are leaving to go to Little Rock for the Razorback game! So excited! Pig Sooie! haha GO HOGS!

On to the reviews....last weekend we watched Vacancy and Knocked Up....

Knocked Up was first on our agenda. Hate the name, but the movie was hilarious! Definately not something you want your child to watch and they use the F-bomb like crazy...It is about a girl (Katherine Heigl) who has a one night stand while drunk of course and ends up being pregnant. She and the "father" of the baby try to learn more about each other during the pregnancy and end up falling in love. I gave it 4 stars.

Vacancy is definately a thriller. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but oh well. It is about a husband (Luke Wilson) and wife (Kate Beckinsale) who are on the verge of getting a divorce and they are traveling to her parents house for an anniversary party. Their car starts acting up and they stop at a station which has a motel next to it. In the motel (which makes any roach motel around her look good) is way old with lovely 70's decor. They started watching a movie only to find out that the people that are running the motel are killing their patrons. They brutally attack them and kill them and all the while, they are video taping it. Sickos!! Anyway, you will have to see the movie to know if they survived or not, but the whole movie is just one night. I gave it 3 1/2 stars.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Craft/Story Time!

I took an idea that Debbi posted on her Reading Spot for yesterday. The kids and I read The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything and we made pumpkins with construction paper to celebrate the pumpkin head in the story. We then put these pumpkins on our doors in the den. We put up all Halloween decorations with clingees on their windows in their bedrooms, put up our flag, and blew up our giant pumpkin that goes on our front porch every year. A fun time was had by all. Thanks Debbi for this super fun idea!

Tinseltown Tuesday

Wow! It's Tuesday again and Britney has not let us down. It really is bad, but you never know how people are going to act when on drugs. Here we go....

6. Sara Evans is finally divorced. It was final on Friday and she is having to pay her now ex-husband approximately $500,000 in the next 10 years! That is some dough! They will have joint custody.

5. Nichole Richie and Joel Madden are said to be getting married on Saturday, October 13th in Laguna Beach. My divorce countdown is ready to go, how about yours?

4. Paula Abdul says that she is ready to become a mom within the next two years and plans on using artifical insemination. She is 45.

3. Keith Urban was involved in a motorcycle crash early Monday in Australia. Paparazzi was after him on another motorcycle while Keith was on his way to an AA meeting. Keith tried to avoid hitting another car who was making an illegal U-Turn and oversteered. The paprazzie behind him came to help and did not take pictures.
2. Oprah topped Forbes' "Celebrity 100 Power List" for the second time. She earned $260 million last year. Jerry Seinfeld was in second place with $60 million last year. No comparison there! Go O!
1. Ok, so Britney ended up surrendering her children yesterday afternoon to K-Fed. What happened was she did not meet with a drug counselor, do any of the drug testing, enroll in parenting classes, and she didn't even sign the court order from the judge telling her to these things. Also, she was prohibited from driving the children unless she had a valid California driver's license and she drove them around all weekend. Britney, Britney, Britney...what the mess?

Enjoy your week!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Couldn't Wait!

This couldn't wait for Tinseltown Tuesday....Britney Spears has lost custody of her children. She has to give them to Kevin on Wednesday, October 3rd, 12:00 p.m. I'm thinking she must have failed one of those drug tests that she was to have done twice a week per the court. Also, she was driving all over everywhere this weekend without a driver's license. So, who knows. I will have more on this situation tomorrow.

Goody Blog

The people at Parents magazine have a Goody Blog. It is great! It has wonderful tips about everyday things for parents and tons of giveaways! They are also hosting a book swap if anyone would be interested. The blog is Here is the book swap info:

Here's a really simple way to get you and your kids reading again: Laura's book swap. She's hosting a Fall Book Swap where you sign up and agree to mail out two really great books (though you are welcome to send as many as you'd like!) that you are currently enjoying. The books can be cookbooks, romance novels, children's books, autobiographies - pick your poison. She'll try to match people up accordingly based on interests and assign swap partners Wednesday of next week via email. (It will be up to you and your partner if books need to be returned or not). If you're interested in participating, simply email with the following information:

Mailing address

Email address

Blog or Flickr account

Favorite section of a bookstore

All time favorite novel

A book that was way better than it's movie version

Would you be willing to ship internationally? Y/N

So if your kid is bored with reading the same books and looking for something new, here's a really easy, free way to pick up some new stories (and maybe one for yourself!). And what better good deed than to share your favorite books with others?

Check it out!

My Weekend Events

Well, I finally finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer yesterday. It took me a week and a half to read this one as opposed to the 4 days to read Twilight. It wasn't as interesting, kind of dull in the middle, but Debbi was right, it really picks up in the end. I will be starting Eclipse, the third book in the series, tonight. What will I do after that? It will be so hard to wait a year for the next book, plus I will need to be thinking about what to read next. Any ideas? Come on with the book swap Debbi-roo! haha

Anywho, Jackson had some friends stay the night on Friday night and all was well with the world. Unfortunately, Jackson came down with a terrible headache that afternoon. After numerous doses of Tylenol and warm washcloths and cold washcloths and not to mention no sleep, I took him to the ER yesterday morning. He was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection, given a shot of Rocephin, and sent home with Tylenol with codeine. He finally got some sleep, eat a bit and I'm happy to say, better! Poor Jackson! He has been sick for like 2 weeks with something or the other! Maybe we are on our way to healthy living now! Hope everyone had a great weekend!