Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok, I know this may be an Arkansas thing, but has anyone ever played washers? My mom is from North Arkansas and had never even heard of it. I figured being the hillbilly that she is, that her of all people would know what washers were! haha j/k She lives in Louisiana now, so I guess maybe she forgot about her hillbilly ways. Anywho, we had a family get together this weekend and everyone played washers, which consists of these two boards put apart so many feet. These boards have three holes in them, the farthest hole being worth 5 points, the middle one worth 3 points and the one closest to you is worth 1 point. You throw these big washers into these holes and whoever gets to 21 first and doesn't bust (like in blackjack) wins. Anyway, the last time everyone played this, I wouldn't play because I knew I would suck at it and didn't want to be made fun of. Well, much to my and my husband's surprise, I tried it and I didn't suck so much! It might sound like a silly game for hick's, but it is super fun! haha Also, we had a fire and roasted marshmellows and my kids did some dancing! haha Enjoy the pics!


Erica said...

You are so funny...a game for hicks! LOL. It acutally sounds like a fun game...sorta like horse shoes or something. The pictures look like you had a great time! So how do you make the board? or can you buy the game?

Debbi said...

FUN! I don't think that I ever played it while I lived there. Oh well - maybe I"ll just have to get together with people here and introduce them to some good ol'arkansas entertainment!:)

chandra said...

I cant believe it!! That was a family fav when we visited our Grandparents! In CALIFORNIA!!! I should have known my family was the hicks who moved to Beverly Hills :-o :-) My grandpa made his boards and all these years I thought he made it up!