Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

Wow! So, this week we have plenty to talk about! Let's get this party started!

8. Pink & her husband, Carey Hart are rumored to be on the outs. Carey takes this one particular blonde chick with him everywhere he goes which has led to speculation that he and Pink are done and this is his new lady. Maybe it is just his assistant! haha yeah.....

7. There's a celebrity edition of The Apprentice in the works. I'm glad, I was worried The Donald wasn't going to do another season. They are filming now and some of the celebs include...Omarosa, Lennox Lewis, Gene Simmons, Tito Ortiz, Stephen Baldwin, Vinny Pastore & Marilou Henner. I wonder if they really get a job or not? Probably not, they probably just donate money to charity or something.

6. Tori Spelling & husband, Dean McDermott's bed and breakfast, Chateau La Rue was evacuated yesterday because of the fires. Actually, the whole town of Fallbrook was evacuated. The bed and breakfast is featured on their show, Tori & Dean: Inn Love (which I watch religiously) on the Oxygen channel. Good Luck T & Dean!

5. Kate Hudson and now ex-husband, Chris Robinson have signed and sealed their divorce papers. Chris filed for divorce last November. Why does this mess take so long?! haha

4. The Spice Girls reunion is ending up to be a disaster. While shooting a video last week in London, the girls were all in a tiz (sp?). Posh had to have fruit and champagne everywhere she went, Baby Spice burst into tears because production took too long (she IS way pregnant, though), Scary Spice was desperate to go home (not to mention was practicing her dance moves for Dancing With the Stars every single second she could), and Ginger Spice kept stopping to meditate. Issues much?

3. Kid Rock was arrested over the weekend in Atlanta for fighting with some customers at a Waffle House. Can we say white trash anyone?

2. Update in the Orlando Bloom incident from last week....The LAPD submitted a video to the DA's office and the DA will then decide whether to file felony hit and run charges.

1. Ok for the big #1 today, we have J.K. Rowling's big announcement...Dumbledore is gay and he had a thing for rival, Gellert Grindelwald. Isn't he a little old for such things?

Have a good week!


Debbi said...

that whole harry potter mess just makes me mad..what is the point of her coming out and saying that?!

Isn't a baldwin in every reatlity tv show?

We got rid of our big cable package but that show with Tori sounds good...I wish we could get it back.

So what do you think of Uglies? It's different.

chandra said...

What! I never heard about Dumbledore! Thats retarted. Did you see Marie Osmond pass out on dancing with the stars?? It was crazy.

Erica said...

No comment on the harry potter thing...my kids won't know that's what he was meant to be...i swear she just made it up after the fact so that she could get more publicity...she's LAME!

I am reading uglies right now and i love it...I am almost done!