Friday, October 19, 2007


I've been tagged. The rules are that you list 6 facts/habits about yourself then at the end of the post name 6 people that you are going to tag. Then you go into their comments and tell them that they have been tagged. Mine is only going to have 3 tags. Sorry, don't know that many on blogger!

1. Hmmm...let's see, I am addicted to television. If it wasn't for DVR, I would be in so much trouble on the stand point. I can't miss a show of my faves! I will always watch a show from the very beginning of the series. If I miss the first ever episode, I will never watch any of it.

2. I, like Debbi, have thought about going back to school. I would love to go to nursing school to be an RN or go and get my Social Services degree because I like what I do here, helping people.

3. I have to have all my cans in my cabinets turned for the label to be showing and they have to be stacked with like things and in alphabetical order. I'm a freak.

4. I was really into this making cakes thing for a while, I'm so over it now. I cringe at the thought of making a pretty cake now. Now, I really am into photography.

5. I would really like for my children to go to a private school, but there are none around here except in Monticello and I'm not driving 15 miles and back every morning and afternoon for that. I wish I had the patience to home school sometimes. I used to think home schooling took that social aspect out of a child's life, but I'm over that now as they have NO social time at school anyway. They don't even have recess anymore.

6. I wish I could win the lottery and have no bills! haha

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chandra said...

Its funny how your ideas change once you've been a parent for a few years. That was fun reading about you. I wish I could win the lottery too! That would be SWEET!!!

Debbi said...

I love that you played! How fun! I think home school would be nice for the fact you know that someone is working with your kid one on one. The thought of Gage sitting in a class with 30 kids and never getting the one on one he needs freaks me out!

Anne-Marie said...

thanks a lot Heather!! Just kidding, hope I can think of 6 good things to write about.

Maury Draper said...

Hey Heather!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it is great to come across your blog! Your kids are really growing up too, and are so cute!

I was always against homeschooling myself for the same reasons, but now here I am, and I love it, most of the time anyway!! There are a ton of private schools up here to choose from, but they cost $$$$ to send 3 kids, so here we are at home, and I think the kids are learning so well being in a relaxed environment.

Yes, I wish I could win the lottery as well!