Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Reviews

I guess my post today is all about reviews. First on the list was the book I was reading, The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans. This was a pretty good book. It was better than The Choice by NS. It made it even better because it was a true story. It starts out with the author talking to a lady while on vacation in Italy. She starts telling him about her love story. She is a lady who married a wonderful italian man and lives in Utah at the time. (She went to the U of U Debbi!) Anyway, they later move to Italy and he completely changes. They own a vineyard and produce wine and he is only home about a week out of a month because he is off "promoting" the vineyard. Of course, he is having affairs while she is at home caring for their severely asthmatic child. She lives in a villa with her sister in law and an American man moves in and she and the American man fall in love and you will just have to read to get the ending. Anyway, I gave this book 4 stars.

Next, we watched two movies over the weekend. First up was Next starring Nicholas Cage, Jessica Biel, and Julianne Moore. This man (Cage) can see future events before they happen. The FBI want him to work with them to help them find where a terrorist group has planted a nuclear weapon. It is a very fast paced, better not blink or you will not understand, movie. I gave it 4 1/2 stars.

Also, we watched Evan Almighty. Of course, I'm sure you all know what it is about, but God comes to Evan who is now a Congressman and wants him to build an Ark. Of course Chris and I were like against this at first because we thought that it was going against the Bible because God said he would never flood again like he did back in the day. You will just have to watch it to see what happens because I don't want to give it away. This was a very good family movie and it is ok for the children to watch! I gave it 4 stars.

We also bought the Transformers movie and have watched it several times due to Jackson wanting to watch it over and over and over. haha

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Debbi said...

We watched Evan almighty too - very funny! we also watched We are Marshall - very good but it made me's a true football movie