Monday, October 1, 2007

My Weekend Events

Well, I finally finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer yesterday. It took me a week and a half to read this one as opposed to the 4 days to read Twilight. It wasn't as interesting, kind of dull in the middle, but Debbi was right, it really picks up in the end. I will be starting Eclipse, the third book in the series, tonight. What will I do after that? It will be so hard to wait a year for the next book, plus I will need to be thinking about what to read next. Any ideas? Come on with the book swap Debbi-roo! haha

Anywho, Jackson had some friends stay the night on Friday night and all was well with the world. Unfortunately, Jackson came down with a terrible headache that afternoon. After numerous doses of Tylenol and warm washcloths and cold washcloths and not to mention no sleep, I took him to the ER yesterday morning. He was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection, given a shot of Rocephin, and sent home with Tylenol with codeine. He finally got some sleep, eat a bit and I'm happy to say, better! Poor Jackson! He has been sick for like 2 weeks with something or the other! Maybe we are on our way to healthy living now! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Debbi said...

crap your family can't get well! That sucks. I'm glad you loved the end of the book. When you get done with it read A Great and Terrible Beauty. It's really good and there are 2 and one more on the way. The book swap will be starting at the end of my book feature week - so put the word out - it's coming!