Friday, September 28, 2007

Update on Lauren's Hair

I forgot to take a picture, but I do have an update. I took Lauren to our hairstylist (Diesel's mom, Corie) and she leveled the bangs off and trimmed her hair all over. The bangs like to go to the right side, so we are just combing them to the side and hairspraying them a little. It looks really good, so I'm pleased! Also, I found out that it wasn't gum, it was sticky tac like you put on the wall to hang stuff with. What? The teacher said she doesn't know where she got it from. Lordy Be! Anywho, how about that Grey's Anatomy lastnight? It didn't disappoint, that is for sure!! Stay tuned for Monday because I will have reviews of Knocked Up and Vacancy! Have a good weekend!

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Debbi said...

wow! sticky tac? I watched greys last night while my friend was coloring my hair - so I was as attentive as usual. It was good, but I'm just not sold on this season yet. Delivering that baby with one push on her tummy and the baby looked perfect - no blood or gunk?!Ha!