Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

Tinseltown Tuesday is going to be one fact short today. The celebs just aren't giving me anything to work with! haha Plus, I'm a little under the weather today and late getting this posted. Anywho...off to la la land...

9. Owen Wilson is said to be doing much better. I think he has been released from the hospital, but not sure.

8. Sean "Diddy" Combs, Puff Daddy in my day, held his annual White Party in St. Tropez this weekend. In attendance on the white carpet were Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Donna Karan, Ashley Olsen, Tommy Lee, and Star Jones just to name a few. The wife of Billy Joel, however, was asked to change her clothes when she showed up in a cream colored outfit. She opted to leave. Don't blame her!!

7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ready for baby #5 says Brad while promoting his Jesse James flick in Venice. He didn't specify if it would be a biological child or adopted. I vote adopted. I don't see Angie doing that again to her body. Just me. Don't forget, they have baby Shiloh together, Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia, and Pax from Vietnam. I heard they were planning on the next one being from Ethiopia again.

6. Speaking of Brad Pitt, he was malled by some chick in Venice. She stated she was just trying to get a hug, but she should know better than that!!

5. Britney Spears is sporting a ring on her all important finger! She's been partying a lot with Mindfreak Criss Angel, but this is supposed to be for her appearence on the MTV Video Awards to be held on Sunday. Some sources say she was wearing the ring before she even started hanging out with Criss....let's hope so...she does not need a man and especially no more kids!!

4. Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger are kaput. They do still share their 23 month old daughter, Matilda. Hopefully they will get along for her.

3. Free Katie Holmes! That is what one MARRIED online dating service is saying. They offered her a lifetime membership. haha

2. Wedding Bells were ringing on Saturday. Among the married on that day were: Kate Walsh from Grey's Anatomy who plays Addison....they have only been dating since February so we shall see on this one, Usher finally got married after his mishap before, and Guiliana DePandi from E! News and winner of The Apprentice 1st season, Bil Rancic, were married on Saturday.

1. Awww!! The Bachelor's Andy Baldwin (see previous post) competed in the Kentucky Ironman contest this weekend. It was a 3 part competition including 24 mile swim in Ohio River, 112 mile bike course through Louisville, and 26.2 mile run to finish. He crossed the finish line 1 hr 1/2 after the winner, but since he was late anyway, he stopped and carried his love, Tessa over the finish line with him. So Sweet!!

Have a good week!


Debbi said...

katie holmes - she makes me so sad. I know people will not like me for this, but I think Tom Cruise is an idiot - he thinks post padum (sp?) is made up and she had to give birth with a binky?!?! Poor Girl.

The Perry Family said...

if i could hate someone, it would be tom cruise...he is a freak!!

Anonymous said...

I also agree Tom Cruise is an idiot! What happened to his Cocktail days? He seemed so normal when I was 10!!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm all for Andy Baldwin (although i'm still a little unsure on him picking tessa) but sometimes he does wierd quirky things. Even if he's as "Hot" as andy, if some sweating guy wanted to pick me up, I'm not sure I'd let him right then...take a shower first!
BTW, I got YOU for this swap...hpoe you like the selections :)

Anne-Marie said...

i mean erica's swap...sorry, i need to be specific :) :)