Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Ad

In 1976, the U.S. had a swine flu outbreak..not a big one, but I saw this ad and had to share! So funny to me!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a day!

My day did not start off good at all. Lauren argued with me over what outfit to wear (she's 5, what the crap?) and then on the way out the door, she argued about what shoes to wear. I tell her to wear a certain pair and, of course, she doesn't want to wear them and just sits on the porch. I tell her we are going to be late for school, she doesn't care. She finally gets up and comes to the car. Upon getting in the car, one her of her flip flops falls off. I tell her to get it and get in. She gets it, tries to get back in and it falls off again. I get out and get it and tell her to get her seatbelt on. She sits on the third row seat. Jackson sits on the second. When we arrive at school, Lauren climbs over to the second row and knocks over Jackson's Dr. Pepper that was in the cup holder and it spills on him. He starts bellering like someone has killed him and will not get out of the car. I have to drag him out and I tell him to have a good day. He then snarls and says that it is NOT going to be a good day! Wow, okay. I then go to the Donut Palace to get breakfast. While in line waiting, I put my makeup on. I poke my eye with the mascara wand and mascara goes all on the spot under my eye and makes me look like I have been crying for days. I get that cleaned up. I'm thinking to's going to get better! I get to work and get out of the car and drop my purse. As I lean down to pick it up, the large sonic cup I was holding gets smushed and dr. pepper runs down into my shirt, into my bra. I know have a sticky chest area to go along with my black eye! Things seem to calm down after this for the most part. I get home and Jackson has a note in his backpack from the principal. He and another boy got into trouble and will miss their recess tomorrow because they hit each other. Ugh! The one boy had his hand in Jackson's face, telling him to quit talking to him so Jackson slaps his hand down and tells him to get it out of his face. The boy then hits Jackson in his stomach and Jackson hits the boy in his back. Geez! On top of that, he brought home 2 strikes for playing and talking in class. Boy, I sure hope tomorrow is better!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

***I have had this post ready for two days, but have been having trouble loading my pictures on here from my laptop. I will just have to post them later, especially the window ones.***
Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Judging from all the pictures, looks like everyone had fun! Our weekend started off with one of my neices coming to stay the night. She brought me some Fortune Cookie (yum!) and we watched the movie New in Town with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. I have to say that I was very disappointed! Not that great!

On Saturday, my mom came up to stay the night and we worked out in the yard. My father in law came over to bush hog and in doing so, got a piece of rebarb caught up in the bush hog part and it went slinging onto my back porch and and went through one of the windows. It even bent the little window pane thingees. Lovely!

On Easter, before it started raining cats and dogs, the kids went outside to look for eggs and the Easter bunny left their baskets on the inside of the house while they were gone! How nice of him, right? haha

P.S. For us Arkansas folks, if you are wanting to take the kiddos to see Disney on Ice next weekend at Alltel, you can go to and pick 4 tickets with the promotion code "mom" and get them for $10 each!! We did and I can't wait to go! :)

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seven Pounds

Has anyone seen this? It was horrible and wonderful all at the same time. It was a good movie, though. I was shocked and still cried for over 20 minutes all the while my hubby is laughing at me. I couldn't help it! I'm an emotional person anyway, but there were some hormones thrown in there to boot! Gosh, wild movie.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Awww!! thanks everyone for making me feel loved again!
Now, I am in search of some parenting advice. My little boy is a sweet little boy, but when he gets mad, he is stubborn and very angry. If I tell him no, he just keeps on. I have finally told him that once I say no, that is it...quit talking about it because my mind is not going to change. He and his sister fight constantly. I know this behavior is pretty normal for 7 and 5 year old siblings. But, today for instance, his teacher just called me. She said that yesterday afternoon they did a writing exercise after they were done doing standardized testing, so many of them were sloppy as the kids were tired. She had several of them redo the exercise this morning. Jackson didn't want to do it, so he slopped down the writing and wouldn't even put his name on the paper. When she told him that he could do better and wanted him to erase it and start over, he got mad and broke the temple off his glasses. UGH! What do I do? Of course, he will be in trouble when he gets home and the Wii is definately off limits for a while, but he has gotten to where he has a smart mouth (something else that I read was typical of his age, but I don't remember being that way) and when told to do something, I have to stay on him until he finally does it. Many a night we have struggled getting homework done due to the fact that he just didn't want to do it and then I pressure him to do it and he loses it and screams and just throws an all out temper tantrum. I'm spanking and he finally will do it. This is not everyday, just only every once in a while. The teacher he has this year is the same one he had last year and as wonderful as she is, I sometimes wonder if he knows how to play her? I don't know..I need help and advice. What should I do? We have tried taking things away, spanking, being stern and we are at our wits end.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's really sad that no one comments on my posts. I had 0 with the last post, 4 with the one before and 1 in the one before that!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Weekend

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!! Ours was beautiful, but boy, was it windy!
Jackson finally lost his first top tooth, making it his fourth tooth to lose and the Tooth Fairy left him a little cash that he immediately spent the next day on a toy airplane and stuffed dalmation. I try to encourage him to put it in his savings account, but not this time...he wasn't having it! ;)
Friday night, my washing machine (which is only 5 years old) went out and so Saturday morning was spent going to Pine Bluff and getting a new one. I wasn't upset, because I wanted one with a bigger tub. Mission Accomplished!! I can put two loads to my one usual load in my new one!! I was done in the half the time! LOVE IT!
Saturday afternoon, I went to Monticello to take pictures of my neice, Ashley's first prom. We decided to take some at the lake.

Yesterday was spent cleaning and resting. How was your weekend?