Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Weekend

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!! Ours was beautiful, but boy, was it windy!
Jackson finally lost his first top tooth, making it his fourth tooth to lose and the Tooth Fairy left him a little cash that he immediately spent the next day on a toy airplane and stuffed dalmation. I try to encourage him to put it in his savings account, but not this time...he wasn't having it! ;)
Friday night, my washing machine (which is only 5 years old) went out and so Saturday morning was spent going to Pine Bluff and getting a new one. I wasn't upset, because I wanted one with a bigger tub. Mission Accomplished!! I can put two loads to my one usual load in my new one!! I was done in the half the time! LOVE IT!
Saturday afternoon, I went to Monticello to take pictures of my neice, Ashley's first prom. We decided to take some at the lake.

Yesterday was spent cleaning and resting. How was your weekend?

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Jenny Sipes said...

Oh I are you doing with the new camera. I know you just love it. I know I love mine. How have things been going? missing me at bowling yet? lol

Hope to catch up really soon. miss ya