Monday, June 30, 2008

Slight Change of Plans

Well, we are NOT closing today. In a way I am relieved because of how chaotic it has been at my house trying to scurry everything together for the move. Plus it gives us a little more time to find storage. The loan officer for the couple buying our house has been on vacation for the past two weeks and understandably, needs a few days to get caught up on more pressing issues. We are still having all of the utilities cut off on next Monday and still plan to be out, for the most part, by Sunday night. As the homeowner who is selling, this doesn't bother me as bad as the homeowner to be. She is freaking out because, like me, she likes stuff done now. haha She is definately a girl after my own heart. I'm very impatient. I have calmed down some since we started talking about building because I know the building process is something I can not be impatient about. Especially considering we are doing a lot of the work ourselves. However, I am impatient with this whole process before we can even START the actual building. Anyway, thought I would give everyone an update and hope everyone had a great weekend!
OH, and it was great seeing you Saturday Ms. Bobbie!! Sorry I looked a fright in my PJ's!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are Closing!!!!

As excited as I am to end this era of our lives and enter a new one, I can't help but be anxious about the next week and a half. I found out yesterday that we are closing on our house on Monday and we have 7 days to be out. This is a week earlier than expected, but when you are packing, a week is a lot of time! haha So, now we are scrounging to get things packed and boy, at the things you can accumulate over 8 years! We have like 30 boxes packed now and it is only most of the kitchen, 2 closets and the laundry room! We still have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and den to go! You wouldn't believe all the stuff that I have thrown away! I called the storage place today only to find out that they rented out their last two storage thingees yesterday and the other places are either too far away, on a bad side of town or full. We are kind of freaking right now, but hopefully it will all work out! Just wanted to give everyone an update on my insanity! haha

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diet and Update

I think it's time I get serious about my weight. Not just for looking great, but also for feeling great and for my health. I have had a heart arrythmia for going on three years and take medicine for it, but feel that if I could lose weight and get healthy, that I might have to take the medicine anymore and maybe it would go away. My weight has been an ongoing struggle since having my first child. I was 139 when Chris and I got married and I have revealed to some of you what I way now, but don't feel the need to post it for the world to see! haha Let's just say it is well over 100 lbs. more than what I started with! I would love some suggestions on what to do and how to get started, so please share! I just feel that with the moving and all that is coming up, it is time for change all around!
Update on the house....The appaiser came on Tuesday for the folks trying to buy and their loan officer is on vacation this week and next, so we are moving right along. When we find out about all that, we will finally decide which contractor to go with for our house. I had to get an exemption letter from Cleveland County Health Department stating that we didn't have to have a perk test since we had more than 10 acres. He sent the paperwork out yesterday for us to fill out. This is definately taking longer just to get started than I ever imagined!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

{Playing at the Park}

I took the kids to the County Park today in hopes of taking some pictures, but after these pics, my camera went dead.

Still playing on the merry go!

Lauren did not want her picture taken AT ALL!
They do ACT like they love each other sometimes!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pink Tomato Fun!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Father's Day Weekend! We celebrated the beginning of the weekend by taking the kids to see Kung Fu Panda (cute, but kinda blah) and this morning the parade was cancelled due to the rain, but the rain stopped and made way for a beautiful day!
Here's Jackson and Lauren ready to go up town!
Here they are digging for treasure in the sand on the square.

Jackson decided to dig with his hands!

Here's our sign on the square.

Jackson was excited to get his face painted!

Lauren wanted a heart on her face.

This is Lauren's best friend from preschool, Maddie.

Lauren's ready for the train ride around the square!

Jackson had to sit by some other girls, he didn't care though! :)

They also got some airbrush tattoos and they spent the afternoon with their Nanny and Pappy while we went to Lowe's to pick out some stuff for our house. Wow, I never realized how expensive cabinets were! haha Anyway, we are off to watch the fireworks which is the official end of the festival! Nighty Night!

Friday, June 13, 2008

{Pink Tomato Festival}

Today is the official beginning of the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival and like always, it is super hot and humid. I just wish for one year to be cool or non humid or something! The carnival started lastnight and I have never taken the kids before. I made the mistake of taking them lastnight. They were great and rode rides and Jackson played a game or two, but then I got into playing this one game and the guy promised me two big toys for the kids and my money back if I could make a ball go in the basket. Long story short, I lost $40 and the kids didn't get a toy at all. Crook, but I do have S-T-U-P-I-D and S-U-C-K-E-R written all over me. Never again, it was definately a lesson learned. Today will be full of Arts and Crafts and high priced junk food and yummy lemonade followed by the parade tomorrow and maybe the fireworks tomorrow night and that will be it. This weekend marks one year since I have been on blogger! You can see this time last year's post here. Time flys when you're having fun!

Happy Pink Tomato!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

{Need Input}

Back to the floor plan...

We have decided that we would like the house to be flush on the back end. So we are eliminating the Screened porch and bringing the wall all the way to the back flush with the other two sides. We have eliminated the fireplace and want french doors there, but now what are we to do with all that room? We did want the family room to be bigger, but not THAT big. We still want french doors to go out onto the deck (which will be pushed back farther also). We do not have an attic or a basement and do need storage, but I can't think of a way to put a storage closet or something back there in the corner because I think that might look retarded. Help!

P.S. We do not want to change any other aspect of the floor plan, just this part.

Monday, June 9, 2008

{Our Land}

This is a picture of our land before we start building. Chris has got to get up there and bush hog and there are a few oak trees in the front of where the house will be and a few that will be in the back yard. I talked to two new contractors today. One can start the first of July and one can't start until the first of the year. We definately can't wait that long if at all possible! Our driveway will be to the left of this picture but I wanted to give everyone a general idea.

While the beginning of packing started this weekend, Jackson decided to get my camera and take a picture or two. The one above is one that he took of himself with a gel mask that I found in one of my drawers. The one below he took of his monster truck jeep thingee. Kids are funny.
P.S. Did you notice the jeep has ran over a naked Barbie? haha Lauren would be upset!


Our house is almost officially sold. We signed the contract lastnight. I was crying so much because as excited as I am about the new house being built, this is our home that we have had since we got married in 2000. We got married and had our children while living in this house. The kids do not want to move, but I know they will be more excited when the building actually starts and they can see something happening. I showed them the floor plan the other day and let them know which rooms were theres and they are slowly coming around. We are going to live with Chris' parents until the house is finished. I hate to impose on them just as much as I'm sure they don't want us imposing. It is just hard when you get to used to your own space, but look at all of the money we will save in the house payment we would have had and what not. We are going to help them with their utilities and groceries. I know we will probably still be there at Christmas and I have been concerned about Chris' sister when she comes down and about where they are all going to sleep! :) I figure all the kids will sleep in the living room floor and Cindy can have the spare bed because you know my kids will think they have to be with the big kids. We are getting a couple of acres put in our name right now and are waiting on the surveyors to get that going and we have to decide what contractor to go with. I am meeting another contractor today who is actually building a house right next to our land so he is very familiar with the area and knows my mother in law. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

{Picture Post}

Here's my long picture post and I don't know why all of this is underlined, but it will be okay! haha
This is Lauren's new sleeping position. I don't know what started her doing this, but she will not sleep in the bed! Whatever works, I guess.

On Memorial Day weekend, we played Rock Band at Tara's. It was a sight! Sorry for the glare on the TV...

On Memorial Day, we bought one of those fill up/blow up pools at Walmart. We sat and played in it while Chris was filling it up.

Of course, I was hot so I sat in it in my clothes then Chris sprayed me with the water hose. I had my jeans rolled and the cuffs were full of water!

Even baby Diesel loved the water!

So, of course today we played in the water this afternoon since I was off. We have been swimming in it everyday and it is freezing when we get in there. Corie's little brother, Leighton, came and played today too.

This is a video I took of Diesel the other night. He is so cute! Lauren will jump up and down and he thinks it is hilarious! I will really miss seeing Diesel so much if we move!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, we decided on a floor plan after hours of deliberating. I went through the floor plan book and marked what I liked and then Chris went through and marked what he liked. If we liked the same one, we folded it down and went from there disregarding the others. Out of 1000's, we only liked 7 together. We narrowed it down to this:

I gave it to three contractors yesterday and all three are to get back with me in a couple of days. I asked the buyers if they could wait until Thursday before they went to the bank so we could decide if this is something we want/can afford to do. We do not want the fireplace and want french doors there to go to the patio and make the door it had into a window. After reading everyone's comments on the in laws thing, I'm scared. Makes me think I should stay where I'm at until the building is almost complete if that is what we end up doing. I certainly do not want to rent because our house payment is cheaper than most people's rent price. Decisions, Decisions...

On a different note, I still haven't posted about Memorial Day, I hope to get pictures up soon. Probably tomorrow since I'm babysitter less (she is having a procedure done) and I will be at home all day instead of work. I have been making time to read during all the chaos and have read Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof by Emily Griffin. I think she is one of my new fave authors. She just had another book out and it is definately on request with! I also requested The Host (b/c I don't want to buy it for fear it sucks) and Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson.

Something Borrowed is really good and Something Blue is the version of Something Borrowed told from another point of view. Baby Proof is unrelated to the first two and is ok, but no where near as good.

Have a good day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Thought...

Chris comes home lastnight saying that instead of buying, we should build. This is perfectly fine with me, but the land we have is in Pansy, which is about 20 minutes or so from Warren. Chris has long talked about me quitting my job and going home and if we build over there, that would be fine with me because I would need to get up early! haha It doesn't matter, I would have to get up early anyway b/c of the kids going to school. It would be in the Woodlawn school district, but I believe we want the kids to attend Warren and we will continue to do so.
Now, the question we sell now and take our profit to have money up front for starting the building process? We would have to live with his parents for the time it takes to build to save money because I don't want to rent. Or, do we wait until it is about time to be done with the house and sell and have that profit to pay down on the principal part of our building loan? Do we really want to build? Too many thoughts!