Monday, June 9, 2008

{Our Land}

This is a picture of our land before we start building. Chris has got to get up there and bush hog and there are a few oak trees in the front of where the house will be and a few that will be in the back yard. I talked to two new contractors today. One can start the first of July and one can't start until the first of the year. We definately can't wait that long if at all possible! Our driveway will be to the left of this picture but I wanted to give everyone a general idea.

While the beginning of packing started this weekend, Jackson decided to get my camera and take a picture or two. The one above is one that he took of himself with a gel mask that I found in one of my drawers. The one below he took of his monster truck jeep thingee. Kids are funny.
P.S. Did you notice the jeep has ran over a naked Barbie? haha Lauren would be upset!


Maury said...

I love Jackson's pictures..those are so funny!!

Your land is beautiful....I hope everything goes fast for you guys! So...are you selling the house and moving with the inlaws then since you are packing??? Good luck with all that! I hope it won't be stressful.

Rosjuane said...

Ya!! I can't wait to see the house unfold!!

Laken said...

That pic of the truck running over the Barbie is mean, yet funny at the same time. Poor Lauren!!!

Maury said...

I just came back and noticed that you had explained that yes, you are living with the inlaws in the previous post. Oops...missed that post.