Sunday, June 15, 2008

{Playing at the Park}

I took the kids to the County Park today in hopes of taking some pictures, but after these pics, my camera went dead.

Still playing on the merry go!

Lauren did not want her picture taken AT ALL!
They do ACT like they love each other sometimes!


Dena said...

These pictures are fantastic! You're really good! What kind of camera do you have? Your babies are so pretty!!! :o)

Debbi said...

love that last picture! The pictures of the festival made me sad and miss small town (maybe not warren, but small towns!) ;)

The Perry Family said...

Dena-I posted an answer to your question on your last post! :) I never know to answer on mine or the other person. There is some way you can email an answer, but I'm not that smart! haha

Maury said...

Those are cute!!! Was it just your battery that died?? Mine does that a lot on my little cameras....I don't even think to charge them until I leave the house! I need a car charger for my camera...hmmm I wonder if they make one?