Wednesday, June 4, 2008

{Picture Post}

Here's my long picture post and I don't know why all of this is underlined, but it will be okay! haha
This is Lauren's new sleeping position. I don't know what started her doing this, but she will not sleep in the bed! Whatever works, I guess.

On Memorial Day weekend, we played Rock Band at Tara's. It was a sight! Sorry for the glare on the TV...

On Memorial Day, we bought one of those fill up/blow up pools at Walmart. We sat and played in it while Chris was filling it up.

Of course, I was hot so I sat in it in my clothes then Chris sprayed me with the water hose. I had my jeans rolled and the cuffs were full of water!

Even baby Diesel loved the water!

So, of course today we played in the water this afternoon since I was off. We have been swimming in it everyday and it is freezing when we get in there. Corie's little brother, Leighton, came and played today too.

This is a video I took of Diesel the other night. He is so cute! Lauren will jump up and down and he thinks it is hilarious! I will really miss seeing Diesel so much if we move!


Maury said...

Oh girl, you don't really want to move do you?? This is YOUR home...where you started your family, and it is a nice house, and seems big to me.

As many times as I complained about our Warren house, I can't tell you how many times I have missed that house b/c it was the one we moved to when we got married and had our babies in. That was OUR home.

Maury said...

Oh, and I didn't mean to sound like I disapprove of you selling your is just those pictures of the kids in the pool look just like some that I have of our kids in our pool in Warren, and whenever I see those I get very sentamental and miss it!

Laken said...

Tha pool sure looks like fun!! And that Diesel.. he is so cute!!!!

The wedding was April Forrest and Christopher Peek.

Jenny Sipes said...

Oh man we used to have one of those! I loved it! You are just too cute..

Jenny Sipes said...

Oh that is too funny how Lauren sleeps now!! But yea whatever works!! hahaha

Maury said...

Noah has funny sleeping habits. He is all over the place, and sleeps in the floor more than in his bed.

I keep checking over here to see if there are any updates about the house.