Wednesday, June 11, 2008

{Need Input}

Back to the floor plan...

We have decided that we would like the house to be flush on the back end. So we are eliminating the Screened porch and bringing the wall all the way to the back flush with the other two sides. We have eliminated the fireplace and want french doors there, but now what are we to do with all that room? We did want the family room to be bigger, but not THAT big. We still want french doors to go out onto the deck (which will be pushed back farther also). We do not have an attic or a basement and do need storage, but I can't think of a way to put a storage closet or something back there in the corner because I think that might look retarded. Help!

P.S. We do not want to change any other aspect of the floor plan, just this part.


Maury said...

What if you made the family room bigger, but not as big as going back to the back of house, and still made like a sun room/mud room...with a good sturdy floor so that could be where the kids came in and took their shoes off from playing and stuff...kept coats and such in there, but have all windows instead of it being screened it, then you could still have the french doors either into it, or out to the deck....or even let it be a playroom. Then, you could build you a storage closet on the side part of the room. You need you some kind of storage!

Dena said...

I agree with Maury. You could also have them build "built-in's" that look like cabinets across one side or the back that could also open up (think secret passage way) with storage behind the beautiful cabinets. My mom is going thru something similar with their remodel - she wants storage, not just a great big room. So, they're installing a cabinet system that has hidden storage, viewable storage (for pretty things) and a buffet-ish top in the middle for food, books, pictures, etc. Whatever you decide, it will be fantastic! I love just thinking about it with you!!!