Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pink Tomatoville!

So this past weekend was the infamous Pink Tomato Festival. I love my town, but it is so...silly! haha Thousands of people wade in the hot, i mean humid and hot, weather. So many people you can't even make it through the streets! Lemonade is $3.00!! What the mess? So today in the paper, of course it made front page news! That is the only news we have had. For the people that don't know...we have this festival the 2nd weekend in June every year. The "activities" range from arts and crafts, tomato eating contest (which by the way, the winner this year ate 5 POUNDS and 2 ounces of tomatoes in a minute and he was from Indonesia!), the Saturday parade which mostly consisted of horses and four wheelers (gotta love the south i guess), the all tomato luncheon (every item is made with tomatoes in them), a turtle race, a diaper dash, and a horseshoe tournament. WOW!! I can't believe how hickish this is, but it was fun I suppose, we all get off work early! haha

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Debbi said...

Sounds silly, but you got to love a good festival! I love it and miss it...although I have to admit the corn they serve at festivals out here is pretty tasty!!!