Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paula Deen is Queen!

I just got through reading Paula Deen's autobiography. It was an absolutely wonderful book. Her life story was very interesting. I hate all the struggles that she had to go through in her life, but she overcame all the obstacles and came out on top. She is a true Southern Lady and does not try to be something that she's not. It might not be interesting to anyone that isn't from the south because she references so many southern things, but I highly suggest it. Go Paula!!


Debbi said...

This will have to go on my readingt list! Thanks for the review - I can't wait! - I love watching her shows (when I actually have time)

Debbi said...

I hope you get your package soon - you'll have to look at Anne-Marie's blog, she got your package and was WAY excited. She told me all about it last night and said you were way nice!