Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Now, for your entertainment fix!

5. Rapper Lil' Romeo signed to play basketball at USC. Good luck to him and congrats on going to college instead of skipping it to rap!

4. Lindsey Lohan served 1 hour and 24 minutes in the slammer this weekend for her DUI she received in July. Wow, a slap on the hand AGAIN???

3. Britney is going to have Thanksgiving with Miley Cyrus. She has confirmed that it is true. I so wish she would stay away from so far sweet and innocent Miley a.k.a. Hannah Montana a.k.a. Destiney Cyrus (her real name). She does not need any of that crappy influence on her! I can already see her poor E! True Hollywood story coming. Sigh....

2. Bill Nye, The Science Guy, is asking for protection from his wife. She showed up at his apartment dressed in black and armed with 2 spray bottles with some kind of "solvent" in it to do damage to his flower and produce garden. OH MY!! I'm scared! haha

1. Finally, the shocker of all shockers (for now anyway), The Bachelor, Brad Womack, chose no one lastnight. WHAT THE CRAP???? I had this image of Brad, sweet burly guy just looking for love and just hasn't found that right one. Now, he looks to me like any other pooh man that isn't thinking with his heart or his brain. I feel like he is riding the wave of popularity and going to play the field. His 15 minutes of fame. To crush those sweet girls (especially Jenni) and I so can't wait for the after the rose show tonight. Waste of television and waste of ABC's money for trying to find him some nice ladies and send them on these trips and dates and what not. WASTE!!!

Have a good week and an even better Thanksgiving!

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Debbi said...

Seriously, I am was so sad last night. It really was like getting broken up with twice. I don't think that he planned on doing it until he said, "I just said good bye to Jenny." Then he paced. I felt so bad for Deanna, just standing there! He should have just dated one of them - come on! I can't wait until tonight!