Monday, February 4, 2008

All Kinds of Fun Stuff!

Hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday. I don't care for the football, but love to watch the commercials. This was my fave of the night:

We grilled burgers and had fries and brownies. The brownies were gone ASAP! We played Uno Attack again. I took pics of Chris playing but decided I wasn't going to post it b/c he needs a haircut soooooo bad! He was waiting for duck season to be over and now that it is, he still hasn't cut it! He is in dire need of a shave too. We told him he looked like bozo the clown without the red hair! haha We are mean, I know!

Lauren wanted to take pics and so here is one she took of us together.

Diesel was being his usual cute self.

And...last, but not goodies from Rosjuane from the New Year's Swap! I stated that I wanted to try to eat more healthy and she sent us this great package of goodies!! Thanks Rosjuane!!

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Laken said...

OMG Diesel! I haven't seen him yet but Cori and I used to be really close, but since I have moved we lost touch! Hiedi is one of my best friends!! I am so glad I got to see him.. Post some more pics of him soon if you have them!