Monday, February 25, 2008

The Weekend

This past weekend was fun, but tiring. I think I slept all day yesterday. haha We did go to Springdale (by Fayetteville) and had a fun time although we were worried about Chris' mom. She had a scare this past week. We didn't know if she was having a heart attack or had another blood clot. Neither showed up, but she is to have a stress test this week and go see a cardiologist just to rule anything with her heart out. Keep her in your prayers please!

While the guys were at the arrowhead show, us girls found lots of bargains! On Friday night we went out to eat at Applebee's and came back and played Catchphrase Music Edition. See our pretty appetizer! haha On Saturday we went to Kmart (we don't have any of those around her anymore) and found some deals on their winter items for the kids. I got Jackson a really nice coat for $10.00! Then, we headed to Rogers to the beautiful Promenade. Boy did we find bargains there! I got a really nice dressy jacket that was regular $99 for $6.99 at Lane Bryant! I got fitted for a bra and boy was I wearing the wrong size! Lauren racked up at the Children's Place and Limited Too, I LOVE Limited Too! Could have spent a small fortune there! After shopping, we had the 5 hour drive home to look forward too. Diana and I played Gin Rummy on the way home praying we would get there soon! haha All in all, it was fun and I hope everyone else had a fun weekend too!

Chris and I at Applebee's

The Promenade


Debbi said...

fun pictures and you totally racked up with the sales! way to go! we went to the "prom" this weekend and I"ll probably get pictures later this week to post, I have some but our friends took some too so i have to get them from her. fun stuff, I bet you slept yetserday! I hope your m-i-l is ok!

K.T. is Mommatude said...

Oooooooh sounds like my kind of weekend-other than the bra fitting,I think I would rather have a root love Limited Too,too!It sounds like you got some REALLY great deals!!!

eRiCa said...

sounds like you totally scored! that appetizer totally made me hungry. So what did you think about the oscars?

Maury Draper said...

Glad you had a great weekend!!!

I tried to e-mail you, and it came back for some reason. We are booked on April 15th, but thanks for thinking of us!!