Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Big Brother Day!

I don't know if anyone watches Big Brother or not, but we (Chris and I) are super excited about the winter edition starting tonight. I had so many withdrawals when it was over in September last year and with the Writer's Strike, they decided to do one early. I am so thankful!! I do miss my Grey's, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money, but this is just the cherry on my sundae! haha This time it is all about soulmates. Everyone has been partnered up with someone else in the house and they will have Head of Household together, Power of Veto together and could be evicted together. It all starts tonight and will come on on Wednesday and Sunday also this season as opposed to Tues, Thurs and Sunday in previous seasons. Can't wait to see what kind of secrets this season will bring!!
And for anyone wondering when your favorite show will resume now that the strike is over, go HERE.


Debbi said...

I saw a commmercial for this the other day and thought of you - I've never got into it, but I don't have too, you tell me all about it! I want new Greys back - but at least there are new LOSTS right now

K.T. is Mommatude said...

I havent watched it since the first season back in the late 90's...LOL,But this one sounds interesting to me,I am going to check it out!!

Laken said...

I miss Grey's and DSM too!!! AAAH!! I can't wait until they are back on!