Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The new dancing with the stars cast was revealed lastnight on Dance Wars. I didn't watch that show, but used the ol' DVR so I could see who the new cast was. As Follows:

Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins
Shannon Elizabeth
Adam Corolla
Priscilla Presley
Cristian de la Fuenta - Latin hearthrob
Marissa Jaret Winokur - plays Tracy in Hairspray on Broadway
Marlee Matlin
Penn Jillette - magician
Kristi Yamagouchi
Steve Guttenberg
Monica Seles

Seems to be an interesting group. Notice the pic above of Priscilla. Plastic surgery can only do so much and then genetics take over. This woman looks GREAT for 62!! She looks younger than me! haha

Also, the new bachelor is Matt Grant from England and the new season starts on March 17th! So be sure to wear your green while watching the new season! I can't wait!


Debbi said...

be sure to wear green - you crack me up! I am sad I don't know who half those people are, what would I do without you

eRiCa said...

I saw last night when they announced the dancers and i'm not that excited!

as for the bachelor....he's UGLY...totally bummed...maybe he'll grow on me

The Perry Family said...

yeah, i hope he grows on me too. i didn't think brad was that cute and i didn't think prince lorenzo was cute either, but they grew on me so maybe he will too! haha