Wednesday, January 16, 2008


On the blog, Tangled and True that Erica now contributes to, they have these snazzy glasses you can wear while cutting an onion. I don't know how to say go HERE and you click on the link, so I copied and posted. Can someone tell me how to do that?
With my resolve to become a gourmet {practicing most nights}, I can imagine these onion action goggles coming in quite handy. I've never done onions well.
"Our Onion Action Goggles perform a duty (they are anti-fog and provide a foam seal against vapors) but primarily, they place the chef in a different league."So sleek and stylish and perfectly pink. Brilliant.


K.T. is Mommatude said...
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K.T. is Mommatude said...

I am so not the best person to tell you how to do this...I hear there is a button on blogger that will let you do that but I do it the old fashioned way...

I tried to show the coding on the previous line but it turned to a link....LOL

so lets try this in word format
less than symbol <
opening quotation"
the web address
closing quotation"
forward slash/
greater than symbol>
what you want it to say
less than symbol<
forward slash/
greater than symbol>

Does that make sense?

I like to use the coding because you can link anything,anywhere.

The Perry Family said...

thanks!! i will try to do that tomorrow! ;)

Debbi said...

There is a button on the top bar- where you add a picture, and it has a little sign with a chain link on it, you click on that and then a box comes up and you put the website in there (you have to have the word highlighted that you want to be the link) - see if that works, that is the easy way, but that other html way that someone commanted is a good way too, I did it that way for a long time, it just takes more work....

also abou the 3 colums, I just searched for 3 column template for blogger and found one, i can only use minima as my template and then it works and when i first did it I lost all my links and things, so beware! I can send you my html code if you want - but that is kinda techinical

eRiCa said...

yeah...what debbi said :) I type the word "here" and then highlight it....then click the little chainlink icon at the top, enter in the website (I copy and past that) and hit enter...voila....:)