Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tinseltown Tuesday/Wednesday

I wanted to get a Tinseltown Tuesday in since I wasn't able to do last week. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and an even better New Years. I can't believe it is already 2008, officially 10 years ago...I graduated from high school...freaky-10 years! Just think, if this was a movie set in the 80's or before, we should be in flying cars and stuff right now! haha

7. Quickies: Eddie Murphy got married over the weekend and Jessica Simpson is planning to record a country album. yipee.

6. Celebrity Fit Club Fans: Kimberly Locke (American Idol) was on the last season of Celebrity Fit Club and was the one in the line of fire most of the time from Dustin Diamond (Screech-SBTB) She was seen on New Years Eve out and about with trainer on the show and well known bada**, Sgt. Harvey Walden. Isn't he old enough to be her dad? P.S. He is married.
5. It is rumored that Lauren Conrad (The Hills) is back dating Stephen Colleti. You remember him, the sole reason why her and Kristin Cavallari "hate" each other? Also, Kristin is expected to be on The Hills this next season. Hmmmm....

4. Divorce News: Sean and Robin Wright Penn have decided to call it quits. They have been married for over 11 years which is a century in Hollywood time. I believe they have 3 kids. Also calling quits is Brendan Fraser and his wife who have been married for almost 10 years. They also have kids.
3. Mischa Barton (The O.C.) was busted for a DUI last week. She also had a controlled substance in her possession and was driving on a suspended driver's license. She must have been missing Marisa because sounds like she sure is channeling her!

2. Josh Duhamel and Fergie are engaged. Their children will be beautiful!

1. My man, Andy Baldwin was seen out and about this past week with a new lovely lady on his arm. Too bad she is old enough to be his mother!!! Marla Maples, ex of The Donald???? What the CRAP?

Have a good week!
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Rosjuane said...

umm Jessica is gorgeous in that picture!!

The Perry Family said...

i know, i thought so too! she is so stupid though! haha

Debbi said...

I'm so glad I have you as a friend so I know what is going on in the world! hahah! Where would I be without my tinseltown? I will send you an email today for the swap, thank you for the reminder! I needed it!