Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cold Weekend!

It was cold for here this weekend and yucky, so it was perfect weather to stay indoors. Friday night entailed on Chris and I playing board games with our friends, Mike and Diana. We played Scattegories, Outburst, Trivial Pursuit III. Seems like we played something else but I can't remember. We ate chilli and the kids had a blast playing with their friends. Of course, I forgot to take the camera! On Saturday night, Mike and Diana came to our house along with Corie, Justin and Diesel. We played Trivial Pursuit 80's version (very hard) and Uno Attack. I LOVE LOVE Uno Attack and it will be my next purchase! I figured the trivial pursuit would be a slam dunk for me because I love the 80's and I love trivial pursuit. So wrong..it had some really hard questions. Now I am also on the quest to find the 90's version. Once again, I forgot to take pics! Anyway, on to the movies I watched over the weekend. They were watched on Saturday and mostly Sunday afternoon.

Sydney White stars Amanda Bynes. I love that girl. She is just goofy and my kind of people so any movie she is in, I normally like. It is about this girl who goes to college and tries to pledge as she is a legacy for this certain sorority and of course, this mean girl that is over the sorority doesn't like her and kicks her out and blah blah and she ends up being friends with these really geeky guys and helps them to save their house on campus. I give it 5 stars. Good clean fun, even Lauren watched and liked it!

Blonde Ambition stars Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson. I like Luke Wilson and I like girly movies, so I figured even though it had Jessica in it, I would try it. It was ok. It is about a country girl that follows her fiance/high school sweetheart to New York City only to find him with another girl. She gets a job at some big time place and tries to save the company from going into the hands of a mean lady. I give it 2 1/2 stars.

Bug stars Ashley Judd and Harry Connick, Jr. I am a fan of both of these actors. I didn't get into this movie enough before I turned it off to really tell you what it is about. It is suppose to be a thriller. I give it 0 stars.

I Know Who Killed Me stars Lindsey Lohan. This movie was also a flop and we didn't watch all of it. All I can say is someone was kidnapping girls and torturing them by cutting their hand and foot off on one side and when she went to the hospital, she said she was this other lady and not the girl she was when she was tortured. Weird...boring. I give it 0 stars also.

Saw IV: Twisted, but true, I love all the Saw movies. They are horrible, I know, but I can't help it. What does that make me? I know movies like this just give someone crazy the ideas to do these things, but I can't quit watching them and I can't wait until next Halloween for Saw V. I know they will have one, I'm sure. This movie shows how Jigsaw came to be and why and of course he has someone keeping on his tradition even after he is dead. I give this 5 stars.

Queen Sized was a Lifetime movie starring Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray. It was about a girl who was nominated for Homecoming Queen as a joke and ends up winning to prove that fat girls can be someone too. I think this movie was ok, but a little too dramatic. It is a true story, but I heard the girl that really did this was a bully and not as nice as Nikki portrayed her. I give it 4 stars.

Last, but not least...

We Are Marshall stars Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey. It is a true story about a football team from Marshall University who all died in a plane crash coming home from a football game in 1970. They revamped the team and got the school and town back in the spirit. Such a moving story. I give it 5 stars.

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Debbi said...

gage thinks that attack uno is soo funny! he just makes the cards hit his face over and over again - kids?!?

I loved we are marshall, but I haven't seen any of those other ones