Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I know, I know...

I know I said I wasn't going to do Tinseltown Tuesday anymore, but here's lastest on pregnancy rumors....

The following are or may be pregnant:
Gwen Stefani- just confirmed
Halle Berry
Jennifer Lopez
Angelina Jolie-supposedly with twins this time
Tori Spelling
Melissa Joan Hart
Martie Maguire-of the Dixie Chicks
Fred Savage's wife
Alessandra Ambrosio-Victoria Secret Model
Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend
Nancy Kerrigan
Jamie Lynn Spears
Nicole Kidman
Jack Black's wife
Michelle Branch
Jessica Alba
Joe Don Rooney's wife
Something has definately got to be in the water in Hollywood!!


Debbi said...

wow, that is alot of prego people around!

Debbi said...

yeah, the good old lumberjack blanket! it's all my old cheerleading shirts on one side and the other side has other high school shirts, like journalism and other clubs - great stuff hahaha!

(I never know if I should comment back on my own blog or on your posts, you know? what do you always do, I do it different every time!)