Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend, we went to my sister's house and did the whole Family Get Together thing. My brother brought someone for everyone to meet. I already know her and work with her. After most everyone left, my neice's friend, Cody, started acting goofy! My brother had brought over a sack load of jewelry that my grandmother had decided to give away. My aunt and cousin went through it first and got the good stuff and then my stepmother went through it and got what she wanted, so my sis, nieces and I got the crap that no one else wanted. When I say crap, I mean crap and she had sent some old purses too. Cody decides to go in and try the stuff out!

This is my neice Ashley acting goofy and posing with Cody. I told her she looked completely smashed in this photo! (she's not)

Here is Lauren with Cody...she loves Cody!!

Yesterday, we went to look at everything that Chris and his dad did at our land and decided where we were going to put our driveway. I'm excited. Just starting to get anxious and want everything to hurry up! Easier said than done, I know. Chris trimmed the Oak trees and cut down a lot of the fence. We then drove to the country store between Woodlawn and Pine Bluff to look at their carports. Since we were so close to Pine Bluff, we went and got Arby's for lunch!! Love the Arby's!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Debbi said...

I loove arby's. Do you remember when I was pregnant with gage and we messangered all day, I ate arby's like 2times a day. it was crazy. I'm super excited about your house, I can't wait to see more pictures. Our weekend was good - didn't do much, but good. Love having wade home all the time.

Mindy said...

I had Arby's yesterday too. I'm in love with their loaded potato bites.
I love that we are going to be right down the road from each other!

Dena said...

YAY for Arby's!!! I love it there, too! I'm so excited for you & your house stuff!!! And, I love your "signature"! It's so pretty!! I'm ready for that house to be ready so you can post some pictures!!!!!!!!!