Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toy Sale

If you know me very well, you know that I am a "Black Friday" (day after Thanksgiving) shopper. I go every year and am in Pine Bluff by 5:30 a.m. This time is getting to be later and later every year as more stores keep opening even earlier. Eventually it will get to where the sales start at midnight. This would be better for me!! Anyway, Walmart announced it's toys that will be $10 for that glorious day. They are as follows:
Bakugan by Spinmaster
Barbie and her dog, Tanner
Barbie Mariposa (butterfly-winged) (this is already $10)
Doll Stroller
Fur Real Newborn Animals
Hot Wheels Trick Tracks
Hot Wheels Beast Bash
Littlest Pet Shop VIPs
Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop
Tonka Light and Sound Vehicles
I always go to Walmart last and they still have most toys left over. Walmart is the biggest madhouse they day after Thanksgiving!!


Mindy said...

Sweet, thanks for posting this. I have never been to those sales, but Bakugan is on that list. So I have to go get that for both of my kids.

Mindy said...

can you send me the link to the black friday ad?

Debbi said...

I usually do all my shopping during the summer sales and am all done by now, but this year I didn't want to move it all so I am banking on black friday. thanks! Wish we could go together!

Laken said...

Thanks from me too for posting this! Let me know if you come across any more black Friday ads!!!

chandra said...

Awesome! I cant wait till black friday! Lots of fun.

Dena said...

I have to work that day. Boo. Who in their right mind would schedule a normal work day the day after Thanksgiving?!?

There's nothing worth shopping for here in Little Rock anyways - have you been to McCain Mall lately?!?! We went Sunday afternoon and my jaw hit the floor. I was stunned! It's like a ghost town in there. Looks like we'll be driving to Fayetteville to shop this year.

deepfriedpicklesandicecream.wordpress.com said...

I usually go too.I am at Wal Mart here at 3 a.m. usually but not this year. :(


Maury said...

Ugh, Christmas shopping....can I just skip Christmas this year????

I used to LOVE to shop for christmas, and now I am just a big ol scrooge!