Friday, October 10, 2008


Progress is being made in the whole "house" thing. They came yesterday and dug holes and poured concrete with anchors in them so that when the "house" gets here, they have it anchored in concrete. I think this is just the beginning of a headache (that is worth it) to come. Day before yesterday, I had to drive to Woodlawn to pay $450 to get a water meter put on the land. We had to flag where we wanted it, they come and put a meter box and then we have to run the line ourselves. It has to be a certain pipe and so many feet from this and so many feet from that and when you are done, they have to come and inspect what you did. Then, when the "house" is there, we have to call C & L and get the electric going...that is $286 plus extra for us because we want the lines under the ground. The septic tank man can also come and that is $3300. Then we have to insulate our water pipes and change out any pipes on the water drains that do not have the "u shape". We also have to get gravel up there for the driveway. THEN, we have to wait on the finishers to put our "house" together and fix any cracks in the sheetrock, cabinets, etc. I am one of those people that wants everything done at one time. I know I can't plant shrubs or anything until spring and I want to landscape it. I also want 3 or 4 Bradford Pears on either side of the driveway, a front porch, a garage of some sort and a storage building. Is that too much to ask? haha Most of this will probably have to wait until next year...funds are getting low after all the stuff we HAVE to get.

You can look at the bottom of my page for the new Twilight Trailer. So excited!!!

Congratulations to Wade and Debbi Christiansen!! They found out they are having a girl!!!


Rosjuane said...

OH yeah the headache begins. I can't wait to see it. Yeah I would want all of that too.

Mindy said...

You are gonna love C&L, lol.
You were in Woodlawn? We live right down the road from the water company.
Where is your land again?

Debbi said...

yay for something starting though - that is exciting, right? I can't wait to see all the stages and does this mean you will be in by Christmas like you hoped?
I love the reunion pictures too - sorry I didn't comment on them. I think they are always so funny to look at.

Mindy said...

Your are gonna be just right down the road from us.
Don't hesitate to call us if you need help with anything!

Laken said...

OH my! That is crazy... I didn't realize that all of that had to be done.... Bummer. Once it all comes together, I know you will be so happy! And relieved!

RADstitches said...

When we had our land and was going to build we did the entire water thing ourselves too and OMG! But here is the kicker... I told Lee... turn the water OFF! Well, long story short a couple of months later he comes in with this HORRIBLE look on his face... a leak developed and we had almost a $1,000 water bill and NO I am not kidding.. Needless to say he did NOT turn the water off, but DID after that! We were lucky to have the money to pay it, but we were like... Did you NOT thing there was a problem when you read the freaking meter!?!?!?!

Good luck to you! We have 12 pear trees in our yard and LOVE them!