Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is Homecoming in Lumberjack country. Although we suck this year, the school still has a lot of spirit. Today was black and orange day so I had to take pics of the kiddos again. I remember Homecoming when I was smaller. I was always so excited to go to the game and have my mum on. Now, I look back and think how retarded it is to spend THAT much money on a mum with ribbons and charms hanging from them only to be packed away for years or thrown away! I will get Lauren one, of course, one day when she decides she wants to start going to the game. Tonight, though, we are spending Homecoming watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua! I can't wait!! I'm just as excited as the kiddos! Movie looks so cute!

Lauren also wanted me to take a picture of her new shoes. I do have to say that I like them and want a pair just like them for myself! haha


Debbi said...

happy homecoming! I hope my mom has thrown all those crazy mums away, I'm sure she did. How crazy were we? You are so right.

I'm trying to convice Wade we should go to forks today. haha. hope you like the movie.

Laken said...

Go Jacks! I wish I could have made it to the game this year....:(

I can remember being all excited for Homecoming from like 3rd to 12th grade.

Your little kiddos sure have school spirit and they looked SUPER cute today!!!!

Dena said...

Homecoming. I love how you guys are celebrating it! George Lopez was on Ellen yesterday (I know this because I'm now normally at home on Tues/Thurs). He's the voice of one of those little dogs. All the dogs were rescues!!

And, I want Lauren's shoes, too! TOO cute!!!!!

Maury said...

Oh, Leah and I want to go see that movie!! I hope you like it!!

Yep...I was always jealous of everyone getting those corsages. My mom was a big party pooper, and I think I only got 1 once from her after I BEGGED, and then one time from a boyfriend I think. Now I think, how crazy!

Your kids look cute, and so excited about the fun stuff for school this week!

chandra said...

belated congrats on your home! I think it looks so nice! We too looked into those. And what are mums??? Flowers right? whats the tradition about?