Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be our 10 year high school reunion, but since "they" changed it to Halloween weekend, we didn't have it. My friend, Brittany, came in as she had already booked her flight and now will not be able to come in when they are having it. We got together with our kiddos on Saturday and enjoyed some Pizza Hut and park time. I wanted to try to post a pic of us together from back in the day (I do have a really funny one from 3rd grade!), but seeing that all my pictures are in storage still, we will just have to post the one from Saturday. Her little girl, Ruby, will be one on November 1st and she is ADORABLE!! So sweet! So here are some pics from our day:

Lauren took this one of us. She did a pretty good job!
We are rockin' the glasses!

Jackson had my camera and decided to take some pictures of his own.

Also, Lauren started dance class about a month ago and yesterday, she wanted me to take a picture of her in her practice outfit.

P.S. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was a disappointment to me. It wasn't very funny. Maybe I was expecting too much..I definately could have waited until it came out on DVD.


Laken said...

Ruby is too cute!! Is Lauren enjoying dance? Dance classes hold some of my fondest memories from my childhood. :) :) :)

Debbi said...

how fun! I bet it was fun to catch up in person with Brittany. I can't believe we are all grown up and have kids, sometimes it just boggles my mind.

Maury said...

That picture of the tree that Jackson took is COOL! I love the perspective. It looks like he was trying to be artsy fartsy!

I am glad you still got to spend time with your friend. That was probably more fun than a reunion anyway!

Mindy said...

Brittany still looks great. Ruby is adorable!

brittany said...

Hey! Thanks for posting this... I'm just now getting around to catching up on blogs. It's hard to do anything on the net at my parents house. They have dialup! When they will come into the present day technology, I don't know. I love the photos! Could you email me an original of the swing photo and of us. I want a printout! :) Glad to see progress on getting into your own place!