Thursday, October 2, 2008


Thank you to everyone for the uplifting comments about our house!! I very much appreciated them all! I'm so glad to have my friends and blog friends!

Today was CRAZY HAIR DAY at school since this week is Homecoming. Jackson and Lauren had to pose for a few pics before school today! Jackson's hair isn't so crazy, he likes to wear mohawks all the time (doesn't he, Corie?!) but we couldn't find one can of colored hair spray in this town and I wasn't going to drive to Monticello just for that. :) You can't tell much about their hair in these pics, but Lauren has about 6 pony tails around her head.

Corie and Diesel came to visit for a bit the other day. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the D-Man...he is adorable and has grown so much!! He is walking and running everywhere and my kids loved it because he could keep up with them. :)


Debbi said...

Love the hair, your kids are soo cute, and I can't believe how big they are, seriously. When did Diseal get so big too - wasn't he just born? haha! HOpe you have a good thrusday, maybe I'll get around to posting sometime.

Laken said...

:) :)

Crazy hair day sounds fun!!!

That little Deisel is a DOLL!!!!