Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tinseltown Tuesday!

Erica has Modge Podge Monday, Debbi has Good News Wednesday, so today is the start of Tinseltown Tuesday!! This is the first stop for your Entertainment News! Yay!! Please feel free to give me any information you know on national or local celebrities! ; ]

10. What is up with BRITNEY SPEARS??? She has went off the deep end to say the least. First this trailer trash of a guy named K-Fed, then two actually cute kids, re-hab which apparently didn't work, shave of the head (can we say freak a zoid?) and now she is talking about taking Sean and Jayden James to Europe so that Fedex can't get the kids. I personally believe that these poor children should not be with either one of these parents. I started to feel kinda sorry for her b/c of her life being so public, but she will not stay home!! HELLO! GROW UP!

9. Did OWEN WILSON attempt suicide? I certainly hope not, but that is rumor all over the WWW. Wilson supposedly had an argument with an unidentified person and then supposedly slit his wrists (don't think he would do that, it is so lame) and took several pills. A neighbor to Owen said that there was a police car, ambulance, and a fire truck there. Sounds to me like a pet (i.e. cat) got stuck in a tree. But, something did happen, because Owen is in Cedars - Sinai. Get Well Owen!!

8. PARIS HILTON and KID ROCK? They were photographed together, but who knows. People always assume the worst! haha

7. ZAC EFFRON (sp?) drives an Oldsmobile Alero. So what? I used to drive one too. It makes me look at him better, he isn't stuck on himself and is a real person. The paparazzi are so mean!

6. We Big Brother Fans all new that JEN (heffer) was a nanny in Beverly Hills, but for whom you may ask? We found out yesterday that she is the nanny for Vanna White. Poor Vanna. After seeing BB, I'm sure she will fire Jen. She is psycho people!!

5. For all you Dancing With the Stars lovers, here is the supposed new cast for the next season: Gisele Bundchen, Richard Quest (?), Sabrina Bryan (cheetah girls), Nia Peeples, Helio Castroneves (?), Aaron Carter, Wayne Newton, Mark Cuban, Dr. Quinn lady, Tori Spelling (Go Tori!!), Jennie Garth (what is this a 90210 reunion?), Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and Lou Ferrigno (The Original Hulk).

4. KATE HUDSON and that DAX SHEPARD dude are all over each other from pics from this past weekend. I certainly hope that was not the reason for Owen's demise.

3. HOOKUPS: Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are maybe back together, Cameron Diaz and John Mayer are still hot and heavy, folks are talking about Renee Zellweger and Paul McCartney hooking up...he's old enough to be her dad..don't get me wrong, I'm a Beatles worshipper, but I wouldn't go there! Yuck!

2. NICOLE RICHIE only spent 82 minutes in the slammer. She was ordered to stay for 5 or 6 days or something like that...82 minutes, that is not even an hour and a half! Somebody got paid, that is all I'm going to say!

1. Ok, so everyone is talking about this but I so couldn't help it. Apparently in South Carolina, people are not teaching public speaking or english for that matter....see Video!!!

Well, that's it!! Have a good week!!


chandra said...

That is great. I keep up on the celebs too. I don't even know why. Did you hear about hulk hulgins son getting in a car accident he's ok but his friend who was with him is in serious condition. Whats up with Elizabeth Taylor?? And if Brad and angelina really split I will be so annoyed. relationships in hollywood are so sad.

The Perry Family said...

brad and angelina are doing just fine and are in new york right now. they have been hanging out with the kids minus shiloh. i love them too!

Anonymous said...

Kristy said...
so what happened to Jessica Simpson and John Mayer? I used to be pretty proud of my celebrity gossip knowledge, but freakin ESPN has taken over my household and I can no longer feed my mind!!!

Debbi said...

HAHA! I am a loser and never keep up with this stuff, so I will love your tuesday posts! Way to go! (see you are creative!!!)

Kristy - start a blog - come on!