Thursday, August 16, 2007


I don't know if anyone follows the Bachelor on ABC like I do, but this past season looks to end up like all the other seasons...heartbreak city. It was reported yesterday on that Andy and Tess have called off their engagement. They did say that the couple was still an item, but just not ready for marriage...DUH! They barely knew each other, but they could have stayed engaged. So, in the spirit of this yucky news, I have done some research to the previous bachelors and recorded their track records.
Season One ~ Alex Michael, single
Season Two ~ Aaron Buerge, single and auctioned off ring given to girl on Ebay I believe
Season Three ~ Andrew Firestone, one of my faves and I hate that he & his chick didn't work out
Season Four ~ Bob Guiney, ended up marrying Rebecca Budig who played Greenlee on All My Children
Season Five ~ Jesse Palmer, NFL player of course didn't stay tied down long
Season Six ~ Byron Velvick, I didn't watch this one, but I'm glad b/c this dude is creepy looking, but he is of course...single!
Season Seven ~ Charlie O'Connell, another of my faves..he and his chick lived together for a couple of years but I believe they broke up either earlier this year or last year
Season Eight ~ Travis Stork, I loved that he picked Sarah who was from his home town of Nashville, but of course, they are no longer
Season Nine ~ Prince Lorenzo Borghese, it's weird that they call themselves prince and princess b/c if you watched the show, you would know that his ancestor was a Pope and decided to declare his family as prince this and princess that, so not really royalty...anywho this season was pretty good and i liked that he showed his feelings. he picked the wrong girl and dumped her and went with Sadie, the one he should have picked to begin with, which they are now kaput!
Season Ten ~ Andy Baldwin, aw!!! I loved him sooooo much!! I wasn't too keen on Tess, but as you see previously, they aren't broken up yet, but are NOT engaged any longer
Season Eleven ~ Brad Womack, this is the new guy...not too cute to me, he is 34 and it says that he is a "self - made entrepreneur" (i.e: unemployed?) The new season starts September 24th at 8:30 p.m. CDT on ABC!


Debbi said...

we have bachelor parties here! We love it! I loved that nashville couple - I thought she was so cute and I was really sad when it didn't work out. Sometimes these girls are getting sooo dramatic and desparate - do you remeber that crazy Dr. chick a few times ago that said she was ready to reproduce?@!

The Perry Family said...

oh my lord! yes! she was a freak! i think that was with travis the nashville dude too!