Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ode to the Television....and DVR!

Alrighty then....if you know me very well, then there is no question that I LOVE television!! I have two DVR's in my home just to keep up with my shows in case I don't get to watch them during their alloted time. Right now, I'm loving me some Side Order of Life on Lifetime. It is about a chick that works at a celebrity magazine called In Person (In Touch, anyone?) anyway, it is about her life and her friends and what not, definately a chick show. As previously posted, I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Big Brother 8. Although my Nick is gone, the show must go on. Other good shows for the summer are The Hills on MTV, Greek on ABCFamily, Burn Notice on USA (the guys will like this, Chris does), and Design Star on HGTV. for the upcoming Fall Season...these are my usuals that are awesome and some new ones I am willing to try.

Usuals: Survivor: China ~ Premieres Sept 20th
Grey's Anatomy ~ Premieres Sept 24th
The Bachelor 11 ~ Premieres Sept 24th
How I Met Your Mother ~ Premieres Sept 24th
The Apprentice ~ TBA
Desperate Housewives ~ Premieres Sept 30th
Newbies: The Big Bang Theory ~ Premieres Sept 24th
Dirty Sexy Money ~ Premieres Sept 26th
Private Practice ~ Premieres Sept 26th (I'm so ready for this one)
Carpoolers ~ Premieres Oct 2nd
Samantha Who? ~ Premieres Oct 15th
Now, let's all take a minute to have a moment of silence for my Dearly Departed shows that were given the boot for this season:

The Class which was an awesome show that came on CBS after How I Met Your Mother. It was this show about these 6 people or so that were all in the same 3rd grade class and had went their seperate ways over the years only to all end up at the same place at the same time together. It just goes on from there and was the MOST hilarious show on television. It will be greatly missed by the Perry Household.

What About Brian? was also cancelled which I feel is a totally crappy thing for the network to do. That show was great also. It was about this group of friends and some family that had been friends for ages. It was just a good ol' drama/comedy. This show was on for two seasons and I hate when I get "emotionally" attached to them and they boot them off without closure for me. haha I will need therapy if this keeps on going like this! haha

Anywho, now you have my agenda for my DVR this season, not that you care, but it was something to blog about!


Debbi said...

I loved What about Brian too - and am sad it is over. I liked a bunch of WB shows back when it was WB - everwood, gilmore girls. I love lost and Greys, I can't wait for them to start again, but I haven't to wait forever for Lost. I hope the Grey's spin off will be good. You never know.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to watch that show Side of Life, but never found out the channel...we also are Burn Notice fans :) We also became fans of Entourage after Netflixing Seasons 1-3...can't wait for the next season!!