Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm finished...finally!

I finished my At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks book last Thursday night around 1 a.m. It was a very good book especially for a sequel. I was pretty disappointed with the ending, but I will live! Thanks so much Debbi! We need to do another swap ASAP! On my agenda next is this Twilight book everyone keeps talking about. I won't be able to get it until Friday though, so stay tuned!


Debbi said...

You will absolutly love twilight and not be able to put it down. I'm glad you liked the nicolas sparks books - they always make me bawl. The third book in the twilight book comes out this get to reading honey! :)

Debbi said...

OHH - I love the new black look. Very nice. So you asked a while ago on a comment about moving and I never wrote you back. We have to move again this spring. June 1st, wade starts his fourth year rotations and they are all over the country. I can either follow him around with the kids, or stay here and be single, or move home. I think I'll do a little following Wade and then probably end up in WA with my parents. My dad retired!!! It would be fun to live by them again -it's been 9 years.

So basically I'll be moving to WA about the time we have our 10 year reunion - so I'm not sure I'll make it :( You'll have to up date everyone :)

How do you like twilight?

Debbi said...

Just get two or one other couples and then trade! WE have 3 and one will watch all the kids (6 of them!!) and the others go out!

You should do a post or something too - humm....we'll have to think of something creative for you to do.....something about small towns?!?