Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tinseltown Tuesday

In case anyone was wondering, I deleted the address request post. I had never thought about it before, but Debbi wondered if I was going to leave everyone's real address on here for anyone and everyone to see. I thought that would be creepy if some stranger started stalking someone, so I took it off. Thanks everyone for making me feel special! haha

Did anyone watch the Britney documentary on MTV the other night? I watched it as it was suppose to be a detailed look with all questions answered and what not. It did show how she feels and shows that she is trying to pick up the pieces, but nothing was ever really said about her behavior last year, which is fine because I would want that stuff to be private as well. I do look for her to write a book one day though. Happy Birthday to her! She is 27 today!

CSI's Marg Helgenberger and hubby of 19 years have decided to take some time apart.

There is talk of a Screen Actors Guild strike. I can't go without my entertainment! The writer's strike was bad enough!

Amy Winehouse has been dumped by her rehabbed/jailbird hubby. He states it's for the sake of her health and that he is the reason she is into drugs in the first place. Hello! Help her get straight! Sickness and Health remember?

New on DVD today:
Step Brothers
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


Rosjuane said...

I didn't watch it but for someone who is trying to pick up the peices she looked like a strung out crackhead on the commercials they were airing. I'm just saying if I was trying to get people to think of me diffrently I would look like the picture you posted. She looks mature, but hot at the same time.

Debbi said...

yah, she looks really good in that picture. I like it alot, I didn't watch it, I had a lot of church work stuff to do (service type stuff) to get done and Wade had to read so we didn't even turn the tv on. gasp!!!!

I didn't mean for you to delete the post, but I feel better. I am a dork. sorry, but I know you wouldn't take my comment the wrong way :)

Shelley said...

I thought the "previews" to her documentary were very misleading. They said nothing was off limits, yet she explained very little. Her personal life is only her business, BUT, when you do a 60 day filming, people expected the truth to come out, and it didn't. I am glad she looks healthier, and hope she continues to do well.

chandra said...

Ya that was a dumb interview. Dont even get me going on Britney. I mean she IS a terrible mother, wife, person. This last year was really bad for her. But hey, all she has to do is do a video completly nude (Womanizer)and she is right back in the game! ugh. Hollywood.
On a happy note your kids looked so cute getting ready for their big performances. love the pic of your son asleep. Thats priceless.