Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tinseltown Tuesday

Scott Ruffalo, brother of Mark Ruffalo, died lastnight after suffering a gunshot wound to the head last week. One suspect has turned herself in.

Toni Braxton skipped the Dancing with the Stars finale because of lumps she found in her breast. She had them removed after being eliminated and was still recovering during the finale.

O.J. was sentenced to 9 years in the slammer because of that whole robbery thing back last year or whenever. No comment.

Some guy in Arkansas is suing Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks for siding with the West Mempis 3 and publicly vocalizing that she thought he did it. He was the stepfather of one of the victims. I will never forget when this happened. I was 12 and living in Forrest City and soooo scared to go through West Memphis to Memphis after that.


Debbi said...

I bet your house is just fine, chicka. I want to see pictures - you can email me some:)

I'm glad that tinsetown is back, so I know what is going on, I love that almost every week you can find something about brittany to write, where is she this week? :)

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

Natalie is an idiot in my book, but I agree that one of the stepdads did it too. But, I have also done a TON of reading and research on the 3 in jail. Most recently following the Nov denial of a new trial for Damien...

jaime pott said...

Oh my gosh...the gift got broken? I am sooo sorry...I hope it is repairable?