Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Programs

This week was filled with the kid's Christmas programs. Monday night was Jackson and Lauren's school Christmas Musical. I couldn't get any pictures that would show up in the auditorium, so I took pictures before we went. Not sure why the kids always have to pose with a stuffed animal, but they do!

I caught this picture of Jackson going to sleep that night. Hilarious! Definately one for blackmail one day! haha

Lastnight was Lauren's Christmas Dance Recital. Here's a little video:

and some pictures. My little point and shoot cam doesn't do the whole clear picture thing on manual, but you get the jist.

Tonight, the kids are staying the night with a friend of ours and Chris and I are going to finish Christmas shopping. I also have a birthday cake to make for another friend of mine so this weekend will be busy as well.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Maury said...

That one of Jackson is funny. Are those CARS sheets? We have those!

My kids like to pose with stuffed animals too!

I found that cookbook at a used book store, but try checking e-bay or Amazon. It is so cool! The stuff is really basic, easy stuff to make, but the names and pictures are cool, and the kids LOVE it!

Laken said...

Oh, I love the video! Lauren is tooooooo cute! Jackson looked so funny with that hat on!! LOL!!!