Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome Baby #18!

The Duggar Family had baby number 18 yesterday. Another girl, which makes it 8 girls and 10 boys aging from 20 years to now one day old. All of their names begin with the letter J and you can see them on TLC. They have a show called 17 and counting.


Debbi said...

wow, I like watching the show, I think their kids are so good, I think it's because like my mom says, the more kids you have the busier the kids stay with jobs and things that you teach them. I really like that show...I'm a dork, not that I want 17 kids or anything...don't think that!

And Lauren's dance looks cute, I wish I could come to all that fun stuff with your kiddos!

RADstitches said...

I like to watch that show to. If I am not mistaken this was her first c-section is that right? If so, I wonder will that slow them up some?

Maury said...

No, I think she said she'd had 2 C-sections prior...I may be wrong.

I actually just watched this show for the first time last night...(b/c we finally have satellite..woohoo!) How can 2 parents with all those kids be so calm and patient all the time??? They are almost sickenly sweet!

RADstitches said...

They have the BUDDY SYSTEM.. Every kid has a kid they are responsible for. The kids do the work! LOL