Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nothing Happening

I know I haven't been posting, but it has been very uneventful at our house at the moment. Living with the in laws has been ok so far. I hope it stays this way. I have read 6 books in 4 weeks. I am glad that I finally am getting to read Breaking Dawn. I hope it does not disappoint.

As far as our house goes, we are still waiting on the blueprint man. He had another project going with mine. It was a church. He is completely done with it and is on mine. I just wish he could hurry. I'm growing impatient. After we get those back, we will get with the contractor and get him to come up with a formal estimate for us to take to the bank. I am hoping that we can maybe see a house starting to built about the middle of September or first of October. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hopefully when school starts, I will have more to blog about. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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eRiCa said...

despite what others thought I loved the book and was pleased how it ended. it wasn't my favorite in the series but oh well. MAke sure to come over and give me your opinion when you're done with it :)