Thursday, August 14, 2008


We got our blueprints yesterday and they are great! I can't believe all the work that Mr. Hunter had to do. I feel so bad for being impatient, especially after seeing these. There are so many details. He was also patient enough with me in that I changed my mind a lot on things in the house. He was very helpful and gave some great suggestions to other parts of the house. I hope he doesn't mind, but I have posted a picture of what our house will look like (according to a computer simulation) when looking toward the front of the house in the living room from the back part. The french doors that go to the back yard are behind this picture. Of course, the floor will be hardwood and the walls will be a khaki brown, but you get the idea. The door to the left will go to the kid's rooms and the guest bathroom. The big opening on the right will go to the breakfast area, kitchen, laundry room and garage. The other door you see a part of goes to our bedroom and the stairs go to the bonus room. If anyone has any blueprint needs, please call Mr. Lamar Hunter at 870-469-5617!!

Now, on to the contractor...he says two weeks to get a formal estimate. Keep your fingers crossed!
P.S. Can anyone tell me where to go to publish your blog into a book? Erica, Debbi?
UPDATE: Our contractor, Mr. Jackie Wagnon, came by yesterday (Thursday) and picked up our blueprints and said he would have the formal estimate ready for us in about a week! Yay! We are finally getting somewhere!


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thanks, rosjuane!

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Love it! I want to see the real thang!!!!!! It's such fun to look at new, fresh things for yourself!!

We bought our house in August last year and I still get online to check out what's for sale (mainly, lately, in Fayetteville...shhhh).